Interview With Fantomaster: SES London (Part II)

In this second of a two- part interview with Fantomaster, we talk pills, porn, casino and the nature of risk in SEO; automation and the future in an increasingly social-interpersonal world.

Plus!.. “The Julie Joyce Inaugural Music Question.”

In tomorrow’s interview Tami Dalley, of Acronym Media will be talking to me about sophistocated keyword and data analysis for complex data-sets.

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3 Responses to “Interview With Fantomaster: SES London (Part II)”

  1. Nat says:

    Tut, tut, tut, no captions in your videos!

  2. Are you volunteering? ;-)

  3. SEO Srbija says:

    I like the part about risks. “Tell me one business without any risk” :) SEO isn’t different compare to other businesses in that way, of course.

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