The SEO Chicks has arrived!

On behalf of all the current SEO Chicks I would like to say “how ya doin” and welcome.

This blog is a collaborating blog by Anita Chaperon, Julie Joyce and myself (Lisa Ditlefsen). We are currently 3 chicks but we are hoping to expand our SEO Chicks crew by a couple more in the next few weeks.

So why another SEO Blog?What is the difference between us and other SEO blogs? Except from the obvious; we are all chicks that love Search Marketing. We wanted to start a blog where we gather experts in different fields of search marketing, gather knowledge and mix in with some attitude. We want to make it interesting, share our knowledge and hopefully inspire you to share your knowledge too.

A big thanks to evilgreenmonkey for all the help with the blog set-up, you’re a star Rob =)

Two of our current three chicks crew will be at SMX Seattle next week, we will be wearing green “SEO Chick” t-shirts so if you see us please come and say hi!!

The SEO Chicks Crew

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6 Responses to “The SEO Chicks has arrived!”

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  2. Only bad things will come of this, especially with that Julie involved. I’m watching you :P

  3. crysseo says:

    Hi fellow SEO Chicks…I can’t express how exited I am to have signed up for this Blog… (It’s long overdue) I am a 23 yr old female SEO from Cape Town South Africa.

    I have to admit being a “chick” in a so called man’s world is never easy and I suppose wont get any easier if it’s not up to us…the female “species” to show them what we are capable of and that we CAN do things better…I’ve always been an advocate of girl power!!!!!! Especially females who are exceptional at what they do and those who “stand out” in their career! BIG UP TO ALL THE LADIES WHO STARTED THIS BLOG!

    My dream of becoming a magazine editor is now just a distant memory…I can’t see myself doing anything else in the near future but SEO…. For a naïve, fresh out of Varsity not knowing what SEO stood for just over a year and ½ ago – Yes I have come a long way….But the journey is only beginning for me as I still have a long way to go and I am so looking forward!

    The knowledge I have gained was not accomplished on my own but as result of following up on Gurus like yourself and the influence of my 2 mentors….As we all know SEO is not one of those technical jobs but its relationships that is KEY!!!!… Yes who you know counts!!!! So Im hoping to build relationships with everyone that is a part of this blog…Once again U LADIES ROCK!

    P.S. Where can I purchase one of those “SEO Chick” Ts? I think it’s the hottest thing since the PINK GHD Hair Straightner!

    Lotsa Love

    * ~CRYSSEO~ *

  4. Hiya Crysseo =)and welcome to SEO Chicks.

    Thanks for joining chick! Really glad you like the blog =) This is where we will prove that chicks knows just as much about SEO as the dudes;-)And also prove that you can like make up and clothes and still be a geek, and a damn good geek as well!

    I am currently sorting out the official sale of the SEO-Chick t-shirt, we had an overwhelming response and tons of requests for t-shirts whilst in Seattle. Should be on sale within the next week =)

    Thanks again for signing up to the blog and for leaving a comment.



  5. Cher says:

    Hey SEO-Chicks! Wicked to come across more SEM ladies helping the cause! Good luck with the blog. I’ll be reading…

  6. Lauren Hutton…

    I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read….

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