The Best Job In The World

It’s Wednesday night, and I’m sitting trying desperately to think of something to blog about. I considered doing something about the election & social media, but quickly realised that I am bored to tears by the election, so I’m assuming everyone else is too. That still leaves me with the question of what to blog about. Then it dawned on me, I’m spending my Wednesday night working, I’ve spent every night this week working in fact, and the weekend. This should, really, be a slightly depressing thought, I’m sure for most people it would be, but the fact is, it’s not. The reason it’s not, is that I love what I do, and (I’m sure I’m not alone in this) it’s almost a hobby as much as a job.

I look forward to getting time to catch up on my favourite SEO blogs, I love the challenge of getting stuck into a problem site with no obvious answer, and sometimes I even love writing a sites worth of title tags. I realised that maybe as SEO’s we have the best job in the world, and here are my top 5 reasons why

The debates

There is nothing like an early morning SEO debate to get the blood flowing, whether it’s on the merits of page validation, or the usefulness of the canonical tag, get more than 2 SEO’s in a conversation about, well, anything really, and you have the recipe for an engaging & exciting debate. I admit, very little is ever actually resolved, but it rarely gets (too) nasty.

The changes

It’s an oldie but a goodie, SEO never stands still. While the fundamentals change slowly, there is always something new and shiny to play with. Working in SEO guarantees you a new toy to play with nearly every week, and none of them ever come with instruction manuals, just adding to the endless hours of fun while we all work out just how piece A fits with joint D, oh wait no, that’s the shelving unit I need to put up.

The superiority

We’ve all done it, you watch someone you know trying to start their first blog, and tell you how they are going to get everyone they know to click on it so they can be number one in Google, or someone complains about Google’s results not being relevant, and you launch into a rant about the lack of relevance in their search term. Everyone you know thinks you have some sort of magical power, or just thinks you work in IT, but either way there is a sense of smugness in knowing something most people don’t even realise is there to know

The accomplishment

There is nothing quite like the feeling of finally getting that position for a site that you’ve been working towards. Whether it’s a new project and you’ve made one instinctual change that ramps up the rankings, or a site that you have been working on for months, hitting that number one ranking, is always a high point, and seeing the traffic rolling in is the icing on the cake. In fact, you have to wonder whether the excitement is actually some sort of addictive adrenaline high, because it seems once you have worked that magic on one site, you just keep wanting more, and before you know it, you’re hooked.

SEO folks

I have never come across a bunch of people who, without ever meeting one another, can be so supportive. Even better is that when you do finally meet them, they are just as awesome in real life as they are on twitter, some even more so. I have asked many people, and I can’t find any other industries where competitors will help each other out so freely. I know for instance that I was up against another SEO chick on a recent pitch, did we stop talking, did we stop helping each other out, no, it’s a fact of SEO life that we will come up against each other time & time again, but we still have a huge sense of co-operation & camaraderie. In fact, I think the people in SEO top my list of the things I love about this industry, it wouldn’t be half as much fun without you all!

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25 Responses to “The Best Job In The World”

  1. You forgot number 6: Get to work with/gaze upon Stuart P T *every* *single* *day*.

    Other than that yes, I totally agree with this post. SEO is one of those rare industries where the retiring geek can walk hand in hand with the brash marketeer and share their love (not like that you pervs).

  2. steve says:

    A great post, which is relevant to me as I am about in to my 3rd week of starting own digital marketing agency.

  3. Rhys says:

    **Stands and applauds**

  4. @Stuartpturner If I could get away from your ugly mug my enjoyment of this job would go up ten fold

    @Steve, Congrats, hope it’s all going well for you so far

    @Rhys awww thank you ::blushes::

  5. safcblogger says:

    I think working in search is the most frustrating, annoying and confusing things i could have ever chosen to do, yet i still wake every morning looking forward to the next frustrating, annoying and confusing project.

    Some days i develop a twitch or i want to punch the screen.

    But we all wait for that day, with a lot of patience, it comes, that reward of traffic, and they come to buy things as well which is nice and that feeling of “i done that” takes away the twitch and you go out and buy a new monitor.

  6. LinkMünki says:

    sometimes it’s great, but I’m kinda new-ish at this, and I already understand that them who pay the wages sometimes ‘expect’ miracles

  7. Tim Aldiss says:

    Well said Sarah – I completely agree. Search is nothing if not rewarding :)

  8. claire says:

    nice one, you took the thoughts from my head and spun them into a beautifully written post

  9. Kay Dinsdale says:

    awww sarah stop it, we sound like stamp collectors :)

    But yes, totally agree. Sometimes I milk the sympathy friends and family give me when they see I’m working AGAIN! They don’t understand that my work, as boring as it may seem to them, is something that I love. Aren’t we lucky! :)

  10. supaswag says:

    Sweet. Now add a link list with all your Twitter SEO friends to the post and watch the number of re-tweets go from 33 to 333 ; )

  11. Ditto… to all of that :)

    Feel all warm and snuggly now.

  12. @supaswag If I had mentioned you all this post would have doubled in length, and then some

  13. Chick_Geek says:

    This just reveals my every morning and night motivation:)))
    Happy to discover your site, we’re absolutly job mindset twins. Still trying to make my co-workers understand how come I don’t fall down dead tired at the end of the day and why I always want more and more, lol.

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  15. A Samuel says:

    SEO is a great industry full of all types of people from all walks of life. If Carlsberg made jobs…seo would probably be the best job in the world…

  16. mikevallano says:

    Well said Sarah!

    SEO geeks are a special breed, and I’m sure glad I’m one of them.

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  18. My favorite part is watching a site climb through rankings – especially when the competition is tough.

  19. Miss Zed says:

    aren’t we geeks?…just a little bit? :)

  20. David says:

    Sarah, great article, it has inspired me to write something for internal distribution at the company where I work….I do agree that being an SEO is one of the best jobs ever.. ; )

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  22. Jay says:

    Nice post. I agree that we SEO folks are actually quite friendly. The point is that if we can’t help one another, no one would. So to all fellow SEO chicks and lads out there. Let us keep up the good work!

  23. Mike says:

    “Then it dawned on me, I’m spending my Wednesday night working, I’ve spent every night this week working in fact, and the weekend.”

    Sounds like mental slavery to me. Complete encroachment of work life into the sacred purlieu of free time. No more distinction between the human-as-worker and the human-as-person.

    But of course, feel free to be happy about it or proud about it or say you love it.

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  25. Mr Happy says:

    Changed jobs but thought I stick with the Mr Happy tag. And I’ve been working every night – but also every morning. Have thought about getting the train to work rather than driving to get more done. Then decided that driving was better as I can think in the abstract without the laptop to test everything out on a whim. Leads to better decision making.
    Is SEO the best job in the world? Not sure. Is certainly better than developing display campaigns, extraordinarily more fun that being a purveyor of PPC or being an account manager! Oh sorry. Am wrong being an SEO involves understanding almost every online marketing function and then bringing it together onsite and offsite for improving all round business value. So yes. I guess it is. That said have always fancied being a professional cricketer – but I’m rubbish at that…

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