SEO Chick and SEO Fangirl hits London town

Ylayn Ousley also known as SEO Fangirl messaged me last week through facebook and said she was coming over from Paris to London at the weekend. I’ve met Ylayn once before at SES London and love her humoristic blog about men of SEO, but I knew little about her as a person.

We met in central London and literally didn’t stop talking from the minute we met….We went for dinner at a really nice Indian restaurant and literally talked SEO and online marketing for 3 hours straight. This girl has got a serious business head and more passion for online marketing than you can throw a stick at. And she is also delightfuly crazy =) It’s fantastic to meet up with other people that shares your passion for the industry, to bounce ideas from and share your frustration with. So if you see Ylayn at a conference be sure to go up and talk to her, she is one intresting fun girl!

SEO Chick Lisa and SEO Fangirl Ylayn

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6 Responses to “SEO Chick and SEO Fangirl hits London town”

  1. Maks says:

    I just cudn’t help noticing that you are looking fab Lisa. Reminds me of a cute little fox. And fangirls blog is really cool.

  2. thanks Maks =)Yeah the Fangirl blog is really funny…

  3. oh and Ylayn is 6ft so I was actually on my toes in this picture..I’m like a hobbit next to her =)

  4. Julie Joyce says:

    Obviously you have to be really good-looking to write on this blog. We’re not messing around with hags here. (cough) OK I am kidding…I have wanted to meet SEO Fangirl for some time so I’m glad to see more SEO types with a great sense of humour. I just can’t imagine how crazy she must be for the Viking to think she’s crazy…I’m getting nervous now.

  5. ha ha….she is actually crazier than me….well more ballsy for sure!! As we were walking down the street to the restaurant, these 3 guys were on a stag doo dressed up as musketeers….they briefly flashed their asses, Ylayn wanted to take a photo of the very bizarre view…but was a bit slow…So she just walked up to them and asked if they could please do it again so she could take a photo….It was hilarious….

  6. Iím like a hobbit next to her =)

    Hairy feet?

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