Who’s got the best “crappest” xmas gift – YOU choose.

Wow, now that’s a dodgy and gramatically incorrect title if there ever was one. So sorry I’m so late in posting the finalists for the #SEScrapmas competition . Turns out Wednesday (which was the deadline) was actually yesterday, days kind of blur when you are on maternity leave. The other day I walked out in my slippers, have also found my house keyes in strange places, you get the drift – I’m “two sandwiches short of a picnic” at the moment.

Anywho, thanks to everyone that entered the competition and hellped us spread the word, we had some cracking coverage and entries. We had so much fun hearing some of the stories and seeing the pictures of your “crap” Christmas gifts. Now YOU choose who will WIN the SES London conference ticket. And as us SEO’s have a tendency to spam the fuck out of online polls (come on we’ve all done it) SEO-Chicks have decided that votes will be cast via the comments instead. So without further ados here are the top 3 entires:

Entry 1. Andy Blackburn @andyblackburn who got a Lego of “Sears Tower” in Chicago, niiiiice, oh dear, we recon that is a pretty rubbish Christmas gift.

Entry 2. Joanna Butler @JoannaButler who actually got Clothes pegs for Christmas, that really made me giggle. It’s useful but not really high on your wish list I bet, a typical “caring Auntie” gift.

Entry 3. David Reynolds @Reynolds_UK who got a signed photograph of Matt Cutts, lol brilliant! At least the person that gave you this David had a sense of humour, I’m kind of secretly wishing it was from your girlfriend, that would be so funny. Oh Matt , if you read this. no offence, the SEO chicks would of course love a signed photo of you, any day :)

In addition, we would like to give an honorable mention to Claire Carlile @clairecarlile and her “nipple tassles” (yes seriously), which just raises several questions I don’t dare thinking about :) But as we know Claire already has a ticket to SES London we figured someone else would get the chance to attend. But thank you Claire for entertaining us and making us giggle, you’re too funny!

All votes will be counted and winner announced by Tuesday 18th January (figured I would extend the voting a few days as I’m a bit slow publishing the finalists). Let the voting begin!

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31 Responses to “Who’s got the best “crappest” xmas gift – YOU choose.”

  1. It HAS to be Entry 3. David Reynolds – surely??

    And I actually think those architectural lego sets are pretty good… admittedly that one is the lamest of them all… but the guggenheim si really quite cool =)

  2. Dan says:

    My vote is for @joannabutler clothes pegs are such a rubbish present that she should just be handed winner’s ticket outright – no contest !!!

  3. Lisa Myers says:

    @Jonathan Allen haha that’s what Jon said about the Lego thing, you guys are such lego geeks!

  4. Guy Levine says:

    I vote for Dave. He will never admit it, but this was really his best ever present. It takes pride of place next to his car keys!

  5. @joannabutler and the clothes pegs (pins for this side of the pond) gets my vote.

  6. Woah! I think the pegs have my vote, good for nothing except hanging out little mice clothes on the line. How about I throw in the nipple tassels for the lucky winner. That way they’ll have a place to go, AND something special to wear. Double win!

  7. Dan Taylor says:

    My vote is for @joannabutler – who would buy someone pegs for xmas?

  8. Simon Barker says:

    I’d have to say the clothes pegs are surely the worst.

    Also, Lego has no business being on this list btw! :)

  9. Even if I was going to vote for myself… I couldnt! It’s got to be @joannabutler! Hilarious.

  10. Hannah Smith says:

    My vote is for @joannabutler …Clothes pegs are the weirdest Christmas gift :)

  11. Has to be the nipple tassles as most useless gift, let me guess, were they bought by a man??

  12. carol lorraine says:

    Has to be the nipple tassles as most useless gift. Let me guess, were they bought by a man? However, as the lady already has a ticket then by default my vote goes to the clothes pegs. Who can use clothes pegs these days, nothing will dry in the rain and snow and even on a sunny winter’s day my washing froze solid before it could dry, great fun breaking the smalls off the washing line, waiting for it to thaw out and then putting it in the tumble dryer anyway.

  13. My vote is for entry 3 of course :D

  14. Elaine Forth says:

    It’s got to be Joanne’s pegs – if only because they match the tea towels I got for Xmas from my sister which ruined a batch of washing – who wants murky pink underwear, socks and tshirts!

  15. Jig says:

    Vote for Dave! A signed picture of Matt Cutts who sends that to a person?!

  16. Chris M says:

    I can’t bring myself to vote for anyone except Entry 3, that’s truly priceless.

  17. Carly says:

    I also cast my vote for @joannabutler – even though they are Gisella Graham clothes pegs, they are still a pretty bad gift.

  18. Damien says:

    Is has to be Joanna with those pegs!!! Really what a shit gift, especially as Joanna was instrumental in arranging the SEOcret Santa last year! ;-)

  19. Julie Joyce says:

    I vote for poor, poor David. Jaypers Christ.

  20. mike vallano says:

    Wow. Clothes pegs is the most thoughtless gift, but I have to vote for the Matt Cutts autographed photo. I mean, we love ya Matt, but not *that* much.

  21. Barry Adams says:

    My vote’s for Joanna Butler’s clothes pegs…. I mean, CLOTHES PEGS?!? Aside from the sexism inherent in that present, they’re just clothes pegs!

  22. It’s a toss up between #2 & #3. Guessing that the last one was a gag gift, and the 2nd one was serious, it’s got to be the clothes pegs.

  23. Robert Brady says:

    I have to give it to #2, mainly because I think that a Lego Sears Tower would be awesome and an autographed Matt Cutts picture may one day be worth something. Clothes pegs though? Lame.

  24. Eloi says:

    “Lego” and “rubbish” in the same sentence ?!?

    Surely that’s a typo !

  25. Kristi says:

    #2 – Clothes Pegs! So strange!

  26. With the Lego gift, at least it could entertain for a few moments in time. The tassles, well yeah, those too I suppose. But the clothes pegs? OMG That’s just sad… So count my vote for #2.

  27. As the recipient of the Lego Sears Tower, I can assure you that the 3 minutes spent erecting the 9″ model could have been better spent sending spammy reciprocal link requests!!!

    However, I’ve look the item up on the Lego website, and apparently it’s listed as “Hard To Find”… so maybe not so lame after all… if I was 8.

  28. Grosen Friis says:

    Joanna Butler’s are without doubt the most useless Christmas gift to date :)

    /Grosen Friis

  29. David Main says:

    #2 – Clothes Pegs, without a doubt

  30. [...] agreed that clothes pegs is a pretty crap Christmas present. So Joanna you are the winner of the #SEScrapmas competition and you will recieve a full conference pass to SES London 2011, whoop [...]

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