And the winner of #SEScrapmas is…..

The lovely Joanna Butler with her ridiculously crappy clothes pegs! In fact Joanna won hands down on the votes, pretty much 90% of you agreed that clothes pegs is a pretty crap Christmas present. So Joanna you are the winner of the #SEScrapmas competition and you will recieve a full conference pass to SES London 2011, whoop whoop!

Ultimate Crappy Xmas gift – “the clothes pegs”

On a different note, it was pretty funny how many comments and tweets we had objecting to the “Search Tower” lego set being a crap gift, aww all the lego fans (including my hubby).

Lastly, thank you to everyone that tweeted, facebooked and voted. Until next year…

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8 Responses to “And the winner of #SEScrapmas is…..”

  1. Can’t believe it – never, ever complaining about a Christmas present again! Thanks so much for running the competition! Just one question though… I hope I don’t have to wear the pegs at SES?!
    Thanks guys and gals for all the votes!! x

  2. Lisa Myers says:

    haha, now that’s an idea, you would forever be knows as the “peg” girl lol. Nah you don’t need to, but it would be quite funny :)

  3. So what this contest result implies is we should tell everyone we know that we only want really crap gifts from now on. So we can have a better chance at winning conference passes. #Brilliant!

  4. Haha – well you never know! They might make a cameo appearance!
    Yay – so excited!

  5. Claire says:

    Well done Jay! No, you don’t have to wear the clothes pegs, but you will need to wear the tassels and take along the signed photo of Matt Cutts, and kiss it every 10 minutes.

  6. bravegirl says:

    haha! that’s a truly crap gift! excellent entries, all of them : )

  7. I love Gisela Graham stuff – pass ‘em over to me Jo LOL

  8. Claire says:

    Bloody hell, I didn’t know there were so many clothes peg fetishists out there! Your passion for clothes pegs makes the tassels seem pedestrian by comparison. Jay, how many pegs do you have? Can you spare one for @carla_marshall and one for @supercarly?

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