ad:tech London roundup

Although I only spent a half a day at ad:tech London I managed to cram in quiet a lot. Before I went I wrote a list of the people I wanted to see and what I needed to find out (how organised am I, time management my friend!!). I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the exhibition and quite shocked over the dominance of SEO/SEM companies exhibiting. Literally every other stand was a search company!

I met some of the ďBigĒ SEO companies, amongst others, the guys from Big Mouth Media, and I must say that it is NO irony they are called Big Mouth, that is so suitably descriptive, just big mouths! Another few words that springs to my mind; condescending, sexist ratbags. They openly took the piss while I was standing there, talking under their breaths and generally being rude. For anyone that is considering applying for a job with them, I would think twice! Actually itís a no brainer, donít think, just stay away! Brrrr…

But the ďbigĒ agencies arenít all bad. I also stopped by the Greenlight stand and had a chat with Chris Dunn, who was a lovely bloke and could talk for England =) He was telling me about some amazing sounding new PPC tools they are developing, think these guys are on the right track!

I also got the pleasure of meeting Dennis Mortensen from Indextools, a genuinely nice guy with loads of enthusiasm. Iím a big fan of Indextools and genuinely think itís one of the best analytics packages out there. In fact at SES London this year I grilled the web analytics panel with questions and suggested to the crowd that they should give Indextools a go (and no I donít get paid to say that lol).

My favourite monkey was also exhibiting, ha ha, that sounds well dodgy. Letís start again, my favourite SEO dudes, Rob Kerry (aka Evilgreenmonkey), Mike Nott and Mike Jacobson was exhibiting with their new company Ayima. A pretty sweet looking stand and they were giving away chocolate, now these guys understand women =)

I also attended the Google University (supposedly Advanced) session, jeeese was that a waste of time. If that was the advanced session I wonder what on earth they were saying in the ďnormalĒ session; ďto turn on your computer, you must plug it in……Ē

After the Google University I visited the Hitwise stand and had a chat with the very lovely Patrick Traynor and he gave me a handy little demo giving me some information about the demographics of Google compared to Yahoo. Did you know there is more woman using Yahoo then Google, it got me thinking about why. Maybe Yahoo has a slightly better appeal to women because of it social media side? What do you think? I also found it quite surprisingly that itís more men in the age group 25-35 using Yahoo than Google. And although I am aware that Hitwise data is not set in stone and by no means pure correct data, I still think itís interesting =)

After doing my rounds of people I wanted to talk to, it was time to head over to the Crown & Sceptre for our little SEO get together, which was great fun. A pretty good turn out and some thoroughly nice people turned up. It was the usual sweetness of beer, wine and SEO. Canít get much better than that. Although I seem to remember agreeing to marry evilgreenmonkey if he can get a #1 position on Google for “weddings” PubCon Vegas could be interesting, Julie do you want to be a bridesmaid? LOL….Now that would be linkbait even Rand would be proud of (only joking Rand!)….

Here are some photos from the party:

Melissa & Mike Nott from Ayima, Mike you are sooo cute!!

The Ayima gang are happy – beer at last!!

SEO Chicks aiiii – from left: Shimrit, Rebecca Scott, Ylan (SEO Fangirl), Judith and me

SEO Chicks again =) – Shimrit, Rebecca, Judith and Lisa (Ylan in the back…)

Lisa, the lovely Tony King, Judith and Dixon Jones

Dixon, Tony and Lisa in intense discussion

Mike Jacobson from Ayima and Rohit chugh from LogicServe

Mr & Mrs Donkey – all happy =)

The Gorgeous – Judith

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22 Responses to “ad:tech London roundup”

  1. Julie Joyce says:

    I’ll be a bridesmaid. I will, of course, insist on carrying a lace parasol.

  2. Anita says:

    Aaahhhh! So jealous I couldn’t be there :o (

    Hope you missed me… nooooot! Lisa – you are the most photogenic person of all on pics. Oh and thanks for the pics – it’s great to see the familiar faces :o )

    The Ayama team looks well on its way to greatness ;o)

    Can’t wait till Vegas. Think I’m a bit big for a flower girl?

  3. Hi Lisa

    Great seeing you too Lisa Ė and even better finding out that you are from back home North :-)
    AND I am happy to see that I fell into the enthusiastic nice guy category and not the bigmouthmedia sexist ratbags category.. .. ha ha


    Dennis R. Mortensen, COO at IndexTools

  4. Mike says:

    Hi Lisa,
    sorry to hear that our SEO brethern from Scotland were a bunch of jerks. If the SEO chicks are ever up North am sure we can rustle up a posse of polite and gentlemanly SEO guys from around Scotland to change your opinion.


  5. hiya Mike,

    Thanks =)

    Actually all the “putards” on the Big Mouth Media stand were actually all southerners. They just thought they were in some higher league than everyone else. Which is so unprofessional, they know squat about me. Don’t judge the Viking =)

    At one point I said “I haven’t seen you guys around at the SEO related conferences” at which they replied “darling, we SPEAK at the conferences we don’t attend them”. Okay…

  6. Mike says:

    Ah they were BMM sales men not BMM SEO guys – all the SEO guys must’ve been working too hard up in edinburgh :)

  7. Ciaran says:

    That’s bad enws about BMM – I never worked with them but back when I was in-house I used Global (who merged with BMM) and they were always lovely. Seems like you must have got the bad eggs because the people I knew from Global who are still there are great (and they were running the stand at Online Marketing).

    Anyway – sorry I missed it all, just too damn busy. Roll on a4u and then Vegas!

  8. Yeah I’m sure they were nice to you. Think I was just an easy target with my bright green SEO Chick t-shirt and blonde hair. Let’s make her feel uncomfortable, wohey!

  9. Dave Davis says:

    God Lisa, your brutal honesty blows me away! I have mentioned some harsh truths on our blog about competition and related industry businesses and I am at stage where I don’t even bother anymore, the legal trouble is not worth it. Your candor is refreshing. (And I am secretly glad it is about the company you mentioned ;) )

    Sorry I didn’t make it. We don’t get much meetups over in Ireland so i really wanted to go but a Marathon in Berlin called. Literally.

  10. good point Dave, I hadn’t even thought about the legal trouble. Although everything I said is true, they were sexist and rude to me.

    You coming over for SMX in November though?

  11. Dave Davis says:

    That’s the power of blogs Lisa and I for one am proud of you. Subtly placed too!

    Yea, I will of course be heading to SMX. I missed SES in Feb as I have been traveling a lot but I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I’ll be on my own, so if you see me please say hello. :)

  12. Excellent! I’m sure LondonSEO is having an party after one of the conference days so you will have to make sure to come to that. Would be great to meet you in person. Will be at least 2-3 of the SEO Chicks at SMX =) I might only come for the networking though as going to Vegas for PubCon so have to keep costs down =)

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  16. James Welch says:

    I cant believe my giving away of free water on the Just Search stand wasnt reported by you lot :-) Fair enough, it wasnt chocolates, but still, it was free and kept a lot of the older SEOs (32 years+) from passing out!!

    If I had met Judith there, I would have given her two bottles AND a Just Search memory stick – she’s yummy.

  17. Matt Davies says:

    Sorry to hear my ex-colleagues at bigmouthmedia came across so badly. I have to echoe what has already been said, the majority of the consultants there are decent people, they’re just let down (and driven forward) by a narcissistic management that is absolutely convinced of their superiority within the field. The regular Joes in Manchester and Edinburgh, however, are a lovely bunch of people. Just a shame they’re never the ones that get to go to the expos!

  18. Hi Matt =)Thanks for commenting, I think I might have been a bit harsh in judging everyone based on two people. I’m sure it’s loads of nice people at BM. I actually did get an Email from Lyndsay Menzies (BigMouth MD) appologising on behalf of Big Mouth Media, she said “I am completely horrified that my team came across as rude and sexist”, she actually wrote me a few emails, which I thought was very big of her, and she seemed quite sincere. Funny thing is that on my first speaking job at SMX London, I’m on the same panel as someone from Big Mouth Media =)Ironic huh?

  19. Matt Davies says:

    Good on her, replying personally was probably the most appropriate thing to do. Those that weren’t party to this were no doubt very shocked to read about it… rudeness and sexism certainly aren’t an encouraged element of the company culture and I imagine someone got a proper earful for this (and damn right too!)

  20. PaulJ says:

    Interesting. I went to London AdTech and came home with a hundred weight of we-know-everything glossy crap. Actually, that would make a good tshirt.

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