4 Years of Utter Girly Nonsense

Hi there, it’s me…Julie, the one who used to be prolific here but is no longer due to maddening amounts of chaos in my life that now includes a killer bloodhound, a flock of 6 hens, and a fledgling attic squirrel population. However, considering it’s this site that brought a lot of the aforementioned chaos (ie blogging opportunities and proper business) I should take it a bit more seriously, especially as I’m vacationing with the Viking and her family in August and France is the perfect spot for her to beat my ass, because we’ll all be consuming loads of Camembert and local wine. Oh, and omelettes, because that’s listed as the main vegetarian option in Normandy. Yay.

The Killer Bloodhound

Anyway, looking back over the years, we’ve had some amazing posts here, and I love finding older articles when I do a search for something industry-related mostly because I love seeing how the industry changes, how what we think about a certain metric or technique goes out of fashion or stands up. With that in mind, here’s a list of the 20 most popular SEO Chicks posts over the past 4 years, for your viewing pleasure.

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Shock Horror Blackhat SEO Discussed At SMX Advanced
Why Relevant Links Are Irrelevant
SEO Sheep Are Baaaaaaad
Google I Don’t Get It! Com vs Co.UK
Even A Blind Hog Finds An Acorn Now And Then
The Best Job In The World
How To Interpret What Your Clients Want
Could A Chimp Do SEO? Heck Yes!
What’s Changed In The Matrix? Ehm I Mean Algos
Yoda’s Ultimate Tool List Part 1: Competitive Research
Our Princess Leia: An Interview With Dazzlin’ Donna
Let’s Talk About Spaceships

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6 Responses to “4 Years of Utter Girly Nonsense”

  1. Lisa Myers says:

    Haha! Fabulous roundup of the last 4 years “Me Julie”..can’t believe it’s been 4 years. Ah, its been great, we’ve had so much fun, and done some bad ass blogging along the way. Ok so its only 1% of the SEO community that appreciates the hilarity that is our “style” and humour, but heck we’re laughing :)

    Oh and your bloodhound is evil, he hates me, he sees me for the dodgy Viking I am probably lol. Please dear god tell me you are not bringing him to France, he’ll eat me ;@

    So feel your chaos btw, currently commenting from my blackberry in the car whilst Isla is sleeping, waiting for her to wake up so ican take her swimming, which she hates…The reason why I’m taking her then? Its the working mothers guilt to take ypur child to copius amount of activities when you are not working as an appology to the “Good parenting God”. I’ve also said yes to pick up 2 additional kids from school for a “play date” aaka carnage, so that the GP God will forgive me for always being on my blackberry…Oh balls, now “Man in the Mirror” is playing on the radio, ugh “take a look at yourself then make a change..” Fuck off Michael, I’m trying..

  2. Ciaran says:

    Well done ladies. You guys lasted 4 years, pumping out quality, SEO Blokes lasted about 4 weeks, pumping out, well, nothing really. You won.

  3. Julie Joyce says:

    Thanks Ciaran! Yeah you guys blew donkey balls.

    Lisa, we’re not bringing Rufus…just the chickens and the oversized hermit crab.

  4. Dean Saliba says:

    Aww I love that pic of the dog looking through the fence. I hope he did not get stuck! :)

  5. Barry Adams says:

    That dog photo is eerily reminiscent of a scene from The Shining… “Here’s Rufus!”

  6. Julie Joyce says:

    Damn you’re right!! He’s really very lovely and sweet. To us. Only us.

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