The Chicks Get All Social

SEO Chicks has a facebook app! Yes, thats right, you can get all the latest and greatest SEO chick action direct to your facebook page. You know you want to, so add to your facebook profile and be the envy of your friends!

At Future of Web Apps I had the pleasure of interviewing Eran Shir from Dapper about web applications and their recent developments involving contextual advertising the likes of which Id not seen before. One novel use of the application was to embed it in a recipe site and use it to display the cost of ingredients for a recipe and possibly purchase them. I can think of thousands of affiliate sites that can immediately start adding value by publishing articles and letting this app sell stuff for them.

Their search shown at FOWA is so close to a Google-buster it was a bit scary (not presented as such) but limitations still need to be ironed out as one audience member pointed out. It is just brilliantly smart. This is the future of the web and Im so excited that I got to see their presentation and interview Eran.

During my conversations with Eran I mentioned that I blogged here at SEO Chicks and how I would love for the Chicks to have a facebook app. No sooner had I said it than was it done and now you too can have SEO chicks with attitude proudly displayed on your Facebook page.

Leveraging the power of social media is one of the hottest topics right now. With everyone from Paul Walsh and his Great Facebook Debate to where I work and their Social Media for Business conference, everyone is trying to work social media in to their conferencing and marketing mix.

I believe social media can be both used for good and marketing but I also believe in good men & other mythical creatures. Provided the marketing people understand that this is not a push medium and that the web and all it entails is pull, strategies can be successfully deployed within social media/networks. One of the biggest mistakes a firm can make is to cling relentlessly to the old model of push advertising and fail to realise that it has become a pull environment.

In my dream world, I run a business people want to work for because it is such a cool place to hang. In this world, Ive embraced social media and used it as a vehicle to create and promote brand ambassadors. People demonstrate their commitment to being a brand ambassador by engaging with the brand over social media and blogging about it or the like. I own the first 10 SERPs for my desired keyword phrases because of this activity.

It canbe reality for a company to own the top search spots by understanding brand ambassadors, engaging over social media and giving back to the community. There is room in the advertising and PR budget to do this if you look at the possible long-term returns.

Now, if I want to own any of the top 3 spots in the SEO chicks Facebook app when folk log on, Id better start writing more!

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9 Responses to “The Chicks Get All Social”

  1. g1smd says:

    Heck, there are going to be some disappointed visitors to this site when this page starts to rank for:

    (greatest) chick action


  2. g1smd: ha ha, we are already ranking for some very random dirty terms lol…

    Hey Judith, well done getting this facebook application sorted! It’s awesome =)

  3. DazzlinDonna says:

    Your own facebook app! Ooooooh, I’m sooo jealous. I’ll come back and congratulate y’all after I pout a bit. ;)

  4. thanks g1smd – I’m so totally going to get you back for that (which will likely entail a hug or something similar *smiles*)

    Thanks Lisa! I love blogging here so really, wanted to give back!!

    Awwwww Donna – you know we still love you bestest of all and you can make your owf Facebook app too!

  5. what does it do? cheeky….it’s like a RSS feed to your facebook to the most recent SEO Chicks posts, what more can a man want? Surely =)

  6. g1smd says:

    @deCabbit: Can’t wait!

    @Kelvin: “Get With The Program”, LOL. – P.S. Great night had by all in Brighton … nice meeting you.

  7. I assumed it was an RSS widget but had my fingers crossed it might be the SEO chicks providing a daily video with reinterpretations of classical musicals in the style of prominent members of the search industry.

    In my defence you never said explicitly what the widget did;)

    @g1smd, was fun meeting you too, shall have to arrange another Brighton Jolly, I should be up in london SMX.

    I’m glad you liked my Matt Cutts/Pasty Genie Photoshop Mashup, I can get it printed on a teeshirt for you if you like!

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