Search is dead – long live search

As predictable as the seasons are the debates that come and go regarding search optimisation.  As pages of publications flip and fingers whirr over keyboards, the change in the wind heralds yet another round of bashing search – and those of us who work in the industry.

Part of finding what we want on the World Wide Web involves a search of some sort.  We google on Google, ask on Ask, and search on Yahoo! & Live all the while attempting to uncover some piece of information, find that hidden gem.

Yet as the web gets more and more complex, we find ourselves abandoning traditional search techniques to utilise the ‘wisdom of crowds’ – looking to social search and Yahoo! answers, search trails and StumbleUpon to help us find our way online.

Does the new trend in using social resources spell the end of search?  Thankfully (for people like me) it does not.  Brand awareness, online marketing, being found on search, optimising for location, creating buzz and a dozen other things are now a part of search engine marketing and optimisation.

In this new Web 2.0 world, having an expert on your side is as important as ever, whether that expert is an agency or someone in-house.  Search will never die – the way in which we use the web and interact with engines like Yahoo! and Google will.

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4 Responses to “Search is dead – long live search”

  1. Amen. My dad once asked me “Where does the Internet start?”, while sitting at his new computer ready to “get online”. It all begins with a question, whether it’s research for a new car, or needing to know what’s going on in the world today, it’s all about search. :)

  2. g1smd says:

    No idea where the internet starts, but it appears to end over there:

  3. Sonali says:

    Definitely agree…metadata tags/clouds with the rise of not only social networking sites, but aggregations (reddit, digg etc) where you trust your community to bring you reliable sources and direct you to relevant things. As we really are only starting to evolve the level of monetization search has given, I especially think that expertise within these communities would be ever more relevant!

  4. @Danielle – That is cute really. I think the web is a lot like the world – without beginning or end. It just is *laughs* that sounds way too esoteric though.

    @g1smd – I had to pass that around. I loved the clock though those flash-y cursors are usually just annoying this one was great!

    @Sonali – Maholo tried to leverage the power of trusted community and create a new search engine but really ended up with the wrong community editing it. Social is friends and trusted acquaintances – they are going to be who you will look to for relevancy. It is how the web is developing. One of the reasons traditional advertising will never die – brand awareness and targeted marketing through non-search channels.

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