Pro-active updates, Re-active opinions or just plain active thoughts: Sharing is Caring!

Greetings chicklets! Or chicklettes. Chickhims? Whatever floats your boat really.

The blog is back, live and kicking, and getting started with determination on the pebbly path that is 2012. First up, a few thoughts from yours truly, as the most recent member of the blogging team. My topic? Sharing is caring. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have noticed  the world and his wife posting up their thoughts on Google’s latest upset – Google Search plus Your World – over the last 48 hours. SEOs in general are very very good at jumping on hot new topics and getting an opinion blog post up and written before you even think the words ‘SEO is dead’. Did I hear someone whisper ‘linkbait’?

Having worked in a variety of agencies for some years now (I know I know, I don’t look a day over 21 but really….), I’ve noticed that we are not always so good at communicating with non-seos. Let’s face it, if we think we can get an opinion piece out there before the next Joe Seoggs, get us a bunch of links, and look clever to our peers, we’ll do it in a heartbeat. All too often however, not so educated clients and colleagues are left by the wayside. It may not feel as important, or as useful, but don’t forget the people around you.

Here’s some thoughts on betters ways to be reactive, pro-active and generally just a little more active:


-          Ensure that you produce a very simple one to two page document that is accessible to all explaining the update. What has happened, what does it mean, what do they need to do. Done. This can ensure your company and your clients are all well prepared.

-          Be prepared for Round 2, no update happens without a 2nd fallout and reaction to follow shortly after.

-          Have an opinion! Nobody is right or wrong. Take the risk and say what you think. You are the expert here!


-          Make a template – it’s rare that updates or announcements aren’t going to fit the What Happened, What Does it Mean, What Do I Need to Do’ mould so make life as simple for yourself as possible. Have a simple template ready to update and pdf.

-          Make it clear and official. Simple but effective! Create a brand around your updates.

-          Ensure these updates are regular – it’s not just about raising your profile in the SEO industry. Make sure people at work get to know you and what you do. Whether you work in an SEO only agency, in-house or in a wider agency like me, it is good to get out there!

-          Make sure internal and external partners are on the mailing list, it doesn’t just have to be people you work directly with. A person casually reading your name at the bottom of an update today might be the one who thinks of you when some SEO work pops up in 6 months time.

Just Plain Active

-          Take an interest in other people’s work and they may take an interest in yours. You scratch their back, they might scratch yours. SEOs tend to get stuck in a pigeon-hole, it’s worth taking a look around the rest of the world, especially the digital world, too.

Sorry SEO Chicks, for not providing the blog with an update on the Google Search plus Your World shenanigans, then again maybe it’s better not to be the 5000th post saying the same thing and try to learn something else from the experience instead?

And on that note, hat tip to Beccy Weeks and Sam Crocker for leading me on this by example. Big respect.

Panda Out.

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