B2B Marketing Awards

Last night I attended the B2B Marketing Awards in London, and it was an awesome night. All dressed up like cindafuckinrella =) The agency I work for, Base One, was nominated in quite a few categories and won “B2B Agency of the Year”. And as Julie mentioned I was nominated and WON “B2B Newcomer of the Year“. I was going to be all modest and not blow my own trumpet, but heck sod it, I’m estatic, and also possibly a little drunk still ;)

The awards were amazing and took place in The Brewery in London (yeah I know, how English, an award cermony in a brewery), but it was a truly amazing venue. It felt like the Oscars. Round tables, stage and the whole shhhbang.

I thought I would share some photos with you all (mostly of me looking very excited):

The Base One bunch huddling in for a photo after getting “B2B Agency of the Year”

Me, nearly crying when they called out my name (and they pronounced my name right!!)

Accepting the Award – Looking absolutely terrified (and slightly drunk)

Newcomer of the Year or Crack head of the year? Very happy though!

Bring on the champagne!

Champagne + Awards = Happy faces!
From left: Sarah Simpson, Myself, Jennifer Handbury, John Williams and Base One MD Richard Bush.

Now this might be a little cheesy, but I would really like to thank some people (and didn’t get to do it on the night). I would really like to thank one of my clients, Paul Lees (from Powwownow) for getting me really “in to” SEO when I first started. He kept on asking questions I couldn’t answer lol, and managed to inspire me to learn more. Might sounds weird but that’s how this crazy obsession with my job all started :) I would also like to thank my excellent MD, Richard Bush, who always believes in me and listens to all my crazy ideas and lets me talk “AT” him for hours. Richard, you are a true inspiration and an excellent motivater!

I would also like to thank the fantastic people I work with at Base One (in particularly John Bottom who wrote my wicked entry for the nomination). And lastly, but by no means least, I would like to thank all the SEO-Chicks, our readers and all the wonderful people in the SEO industry!!


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15 Responses to “B2B Marketing Awards”

  1. DazzlinDonna says:

    Holy cow, that’s awesome! Now I can say “I knew her before she was a SUPERSTAR!”. :D


  2. Julie Joyce says:

    What a shame you didn’t think to dress up for the event.

    Congratulations again!!! I am so PROUD of you. Me Lisa!

  3. You are just such a hot rockin’ SEO Chick you just blow us all away!


  4. Well done cookie, I know that you worked hard for it :)

  5. Congraaattss!!

    And for the record – you look great on the photos – very award deserving and sophisticated.

    Love the dress BTW and am really sorry we couldn’t be there to cheer you on. But then again they might have chased us out – LOL.

    Well done chick Lisa!

  6. thanks guys =)

    Hey guess what, I’ve been on the phone all morning with Norwegian newspapers interviewing me about the award.

    check it out http://www.adressa.no/nyheter/trondheim/article972492.ece

  7. Julie Joyce says:

    If there’s any way that you can use your celebrity to get Adam Ant or Gary Numan to call me, please feel free to do so.

  8. g1smd says:

    I wonder if the awards committee Googled all of the nominees as a part of their judgement?

    If they did, I seriously doubt they found anything much out about any of the others, and many thousands of pages mentioning Lisa Dit.

  9. imjuk says:

    Looks like an SEO superstar in the making. Nice frock by the way

  10. Esrun says:

    Well done Lisa! Don’t forget the little people now you’re up there with the big shots :)

  11. That is really cool! And I love the color of the dress you’re wearing. Way to represent the SEO Chicks in style. :)

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