4 Ways To Improve The SEO Chicks Blog

The SEO Chicks have been neutered! Wait, that’s not right.

We’ve been tagged for a meme by none other than my fellow redheaded primate freak Rhea Drysdale. Our subject? 4 Ways To Improve This Blog. Short and sweet, just like Anita. It was hard to get the list down to just 4 ways but here you go…I do love a meme!

1. Get a damn SEO Chicks logo. We really are working on this, I assure you. A logo is a good thing to have. I don’t have any witty comments about a logo unfortunately. It’s nice on a t-shirt, business cards, and your header. Period. Chicks like us need a seriously high class logo to reflect our utmost dignity and grace and we just want to find the right one. (Cough)

2. Entice more users to comment. I’m not talking about the “hey you girls are cute!” comments either. Thanks for those though!! We’ve gone back and forth between allowing all readers to comment and allowing only registered users to comment. Regardless of what we do, we get the same people commenting. I’m not negating their importance certainly, and we all appreciate all of the regular readers who comment but I don’t think that we’re getting as much feedback as we’d like on many of our posts.

3. Make it easier for new users to find more good posts to read without having to really search for them. Michael Gray does a great job of this. A Top Posts section would be nice…it would also be nice if we simply listed other relevant posts that a user might like every time we write something.

4. Strip down to bra and panties and have an SEO Chicks tickle fight that’s photographed and proudly displayed online.

In the essence of memedom, I tag the following to write more about this subject…and hopefully some of them will provide us with more enlightening information than I have.

Evil Green Monkey (Lisa’s betrothed)
Danielle Winfield (who still owes me one from last time you little minx!)
Stephanie Weingart (one of my new best friends)
Matt Davies (who better be throwing in some musical references in his post)

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22 Responses to “4 Ways To Improve The SEO Chicks Blog”

  1. imjuk says:

    Point 1: Logo’s are nice
    Point 2: http://performancing.com/node/1210 some of the bits here are good
    Point 3: There is a related posts plugin you can use over at http://peter.mapledesign.co.uk/weblog/wp-content/uploads/related-posts.phps. It may do what you want I’ve not used it before.
    Point 4: Hmm. You may have to buy some extra bandwidth or host the still on flickr and the video on youtube :p

  2. Julie Joyce says:

    Hey thanks for the info! That post about attracting more comments is excellent. I’ll check the related posts plugin too.

  3. I think it would have to be a youtube video… and possibly involve jello or chocolate pudding or some such.

    And really, I so neet to opt out… no one should be subjected to me in a bra and panties until I lose a lot more off this frame ;) which I am in the process of doing :)

  4. [...] Today, I was tagged by Julie Joyce from the SEO-Chicks to give my 4 Ways to Improve the SEO Chicks Blog.  She even referred to me as her “new best friend”. Of course I feel really cool right [...]

  5. Julie Joyce says:

    Judith…you’re a woman. That’s the only real prerequisite to appearing scantily-clad.

  6. Rhea says:

    Where are all of the guys?? Don’t they know you’re talking about hot SEO chicks having a tickle fight? Wow. This needs some more attention!

  7. Excellent post once again Julie, yeah we need to sort that logo out =)

    Just read Stephanie Weingart’s reply, some excellent tips there. We so should write about things that actually went wrong and how we solved it.

    And I’m always up for writing more jokey posts, even if I do laugh at them myself. I’m terrible at laughing at my own jokes, which is awful when I’m on the dating scene. Doesn’t look very attractive when I start snorting with laughter before I get to the punch line. Me classy lady ja!

  8. Julie Joyce says:

    Stephanie really did have some good tips.

    I have much experience with things going wrong. It’s embarrassing.

  9. Oooohhh… I had a friend of a friend tell me about a site being delisted in Google and why and how they overcame that *coughs*wasme*coughs*

    I love Stephanie’s tips though and would LOVE to start doing gadget reviews but my stuff is all old – been buying handbags of late and not tech toys… :(

  10. g1smd says:

    Ha. We’ll all call you Jonah Joyce from now on then…

  11. g1smd says:

    Hmmm. It’s funny how whenever Chicks are involved that the various “ways to improve…” always seems to boil down to “get yer kit off”. I’d originally have thought that anyone suggesting that might have got a slap.

  12. Matt Davies says:

    Well you quite blatantly need an SEO Chicks song. You could record it as a midi file that plays when you open the site, with a scrolling marquee across the top of the page telling you the words.


  13. Ooooh!

    We could have a scrolling banner of the chicks all scantilly-clad and then midi music!

    It would be so retro it would be BRILLIANT!

    And for those of you who don’t know me, I’m joking.

    I’ve just eaten the world’s best chocolate and I’m gonna blog it once I finish this benchmarking report.

  14. g1smd says:

    This blog is going to be #1 for Chocolate in Google one day…

  15. That, g1smd, would be so FAB!

  16. It’s fine for US to suggest that we get our kit off, as you say. If someone else had suggested it we would naturally pretend to be offended.

    A song is BRILLIANT. I assume you’ll be writing one for us Matt? Maybe something to the tune of “Train in Vain” or something upbeat.

  17. g1smd says:

    Maybe some random Adam Ant ditty could be reworded and repurposed… :-)

  18. Err, do you expect me to blog about something? I don’t even know the login details to my blog, that’s how often I post.

  19. Julie Joyce says:

    I cannot imagine why anyone would mention Adam Ant on this blog. I have been quite careful to keep that whole thing a secret. Good idea though!

    Monkey, um YES we expect that. I think we have number 1 method of improvement for you already though…know your damn login.

  20. g1smd says:

    Heh, MonkeyBoy, how about a quick write-up on the LondonSEO meetup last week?

    Adam Ant? I’m really not quite sure where I got that particular idea from.

  21. Matt Davies says:

    I’ve been thinking of how the song might go for a few days, yet the best I can come up with is sung to the tune of Ottowan’s “D.I.S.C.O”, something along the lines of “We love S.E.O”. You know you’d shake your ass to that.

  22. Julie Joyce says:

    I’d shake my ass to that indeed. Nicely done. Lisa’s the real ass shaker though…you should have seen her in Seattle. Did anyone else realize she used to be a stripp…I mean she really is a lovely girl.

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