SEO Chick Will Swap Chocolate for PubCon Party Invites

Shameless as I am, I am soliciting party invites at PubCon in exchange for sweedish druid chocolate. :)

That’s the good stuff mind you – Marks & Spenser truffles!


That lovely, creamy, lucious sweedish druid chocolate of SMX fame is going to PubCon Vegas and I’m willing to swap A WHOLE BOX to get the SEO chicks all in to a party.

We’re all sad and lonely and some of us aren’t even going to the talks *sniffles* :(

So please – your donation of party invites for the SEO Chicks will be going to a worthy cause.  You’ll be able to feel better knowing your donated party invites will help all the SEO Chicks enjoy themselves.

Small children will hug you in the street, mothers will greet you with a smile, angels from on high will trumpet the joyous news of your wonderous gift of party invites for the SEO Chicks!!!


OK – maybe nothing quite so dramatic but you’ll feel better knowing you did a good deed

So please – do a good deed today and donate party invites to the SEO Chicks at PubCon.  Thank you.  :)

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5 Responses to “SEO Chick Will Swap Chocolate for PubCon Party Invites”

  1. Hi Judith,

    I still have chocolate on my breath from the brownie I just ate!

    But there is always room for more.

    Honestly, you were invited even without the chocolate, but with chocolate it makes the deal much sweeter.

    I am hosting a Poker Tournament, ESPECIALLY, for those of us who are not invited to all the cool parties.

    You can read about it at my site at
    Purposeinc (dot) com. There is limited room, and cool t-shirts for it, and you are very, very invited!


  2. Awwwwww – THANKS!

    I checked out your site – the clubs image is the best overall!

    But I don’t know how to play poker… *girly blush*

    I wonder if the other chicks do…?

  3. Trust me on this.

    Go to my super cheesey, don’t link to it site called

    SEO Poker Table (dot) com

    I set it up just for people to practice for free. Feel free to enter a fake e-mail address when you register there. It is set up just for people to practice online. It also has a set of rules, and is really simple.

    Of course everyone is welcome to hang out and watch the players. OOOOOs and AHHHHHS at the right moment are perfect. How else are they all going to feel like James Bond?


  4. I’m trying to win a spot through feedthebot over on YOUmoz by offering to wear my corset – I wonder if it’ll work… :D

  5. Noooooo…. didn’t win. Ah well, it was a great contest and a lovely gesture on his part.

    I’ll have to reserve a spot at the party (but not the table) and go un-corseted

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