Gambling, drink and SEO – it’s PubCon 2007

Ok so Julie and Judith have written roundups of PubCon already, but hey I thought I would do a “social” roundup, since I didn’t attend a single session ;) This was my first pubcon and boy did it live up to the reputation. Gambling, drink and SEO – it can’t get any better!!

Going through my Vegas photos on facebook I realised that a lot of people has untagged themselves in my photos, mwaaaaaa, you can’t untag this father mockers =) This will be the uncensored gallery of the piss-up that was Vegas PubCon (obviously with the exception of all the minging photos of me, ha!)

Me and my Rob Kerry (evilgreenmonkey) arrived in Vegas on Tuesday 4th Dec. Not having slept at all on the plane I think it’s an understatement saying we were cream crackered (cockney for knackered). We got to the hotel, unpacked, eh, no threw the suitcases in the room, and went straight to the bar. In the bar we met the lovely Matt Inman who was going for dinner with Rhea Drysdale, so me and Rob tagged along (gate crashed) for some much needed alcohol and dinner. Thanks so much for paying Matt =) Will buy you dinner at the Ritz when you come to London………ehm or McDonald’s ;)

Jet-lagged as hell – LisaD and Evilgreenmonkey

After having dinner I was so tired I thought I was going to hit the deck, we found the perfect solution – an oxygen bar! Hook me up! I know, it’s a “hot” look isn’t it having plastic tubes up my nose??? As Rob didn’t want to try it out the chick running the oxygen bar hooked him up to this “massage” thing that sends electric pulses through these gel pads. Endless fun I’m telling ya! I kept on turning up the power and Rob was suddenly Pinocchio – hilarious!

Getting some oxygen =)

Back at the bar in the Wynn we met up with Ciaran, Stephen “always pulling a face” Pavlovich and Chris Cotton. All showing us how to drink beer English style, or??


Also hanging out was Jane “my twin” Copland, the lovely Lisa Barone and Rhea Drysdale. (I’m really sorry but can’t remember what the name of the dude in the photo (was it JT?)


The first night was relatively civilised and I think we actually went to bed like 1 in the morning, I was very proud of myself, and actually thought that would be the case every night. I would network, stay relatively sober where people could still understand me etc etc YEAH RIGHT!!

Day 2, went to the Expo Hall at Webmasterworld for about 1 o’clock, oopsy. Did the rounds and bought a feckin large coffee and sat in the sun. Crazy 20 degrees, December? Really?? Met up with fellow SEO Chick Judith, who looked disgustingly awake and bright =)


Got back to the hotel, had a much needed snooze and met up with the funniest woman ever (SEO Chick Julie), her husband Jay “feckin womans knickers” Young and the Ayima Crew We went to see the Penn & Teller Show for Jay’s birthday, and it was really fucking good. Although I must admit not seeing much as desperately tried to hide so they wouldn’t drag me up on the stage…

As it was Jay’s birthday I bought him a very appropriate birthday gift – yup “feckin womans knickers”. Obviously gave it to him to open in-front of loads of people =)


“Me Julie” and myself looking strangely close! Anything for “Me Julie” – aiiiii!!


Back at The Wynn hotel (who by the way has the worst Flash website ever!!) we finally got back on track with the drinking.

Ciaran “smokin inside aii” Norris, Jane “might as well be English” Copland, Stephen Pavlovich (oh this is the only “normal” photo every taken of him!!” and Lisa “need a drink” Ditlefsen


The beer, wine and Cosmos (in Jane’s case) was finally flowing, after a few hours drinking I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Kevin Gleeson. A seriously nice guy that knows his shit about Search Marketing. Had one of those drunken but very on topic conversation about everything search. Thoroughly enjoyed the conversion Kev, you’re a top bloke!


Also hung out with Patrick Sexton aka “feedthebot”, who is such a cutie, I just want to wrap him up and put him in my pocket...ehm you know what I mean…Always a pleasure to meet him as he is always so happy to see just in general a genuine and happy guy (plus he always gives the chicks compliments, which is always nice!).


I met Jim Boykin briefly at SMX Seattle but finally got to have a chat with him in Vegas, he is such a fucking nice bloke! I love this industry, it’s full of genuinely nice people, that are happy to share their experiences (ok there are one or two pooh beans but all in all it’s mainly nice people).


Also met CK Chung aka Kid Disco who can drink more than any human I’ve ever met, in fact I’m doubting he is human, think he might be a sideborg =) If you want to party in Vegas, I suggest you do it with CK, he is an awesome dude! Here CK with giggling Jane and Lisa =)


The Wynn bar didn’t know what had hit them when Dave Davis arrived at the bar. Dave is one “crazy” Irish dude, with a heart of gold! He is also one very clever businessman, and not that age matters, but at only 24 running his own company, I think it’s safe to say expect BIG things from this Irish wonder.

Here’s the lovely Rob, hunky Matt Inman and Dave the “Irish bomb”.


Dave is also one heck of a gambler, and had me hooked on Craps after a few hours =) Boy that was fun (as long as you win that is….and not throw those fucking SEVENS!)


After drinking, gambling and drinking some more, we were all knackered and went to bed, HECK WE DID! Myself, South African Steve, Jessie Beaudion and CK “sideborg” Chung went to the cafe for some breakfast and tequila, yep that’s right, 8 o’clock in the morning Tequila shots and Eggs Benedict. Seriously crazy but funny as hell!

Empty tequila glasses – oh dear god!

Day 3, feeling like I’ve been dragged through the gutter, chewed and spat out, then put in the tumble drier, I got up at 1 o’clock after some much needed sleep. I haven’t got many photos from day 3 funnily enough, probably as I was too hungover to work the camera =) But to cut a long story short, we did it all over again!

Mingling at the Wynn bar, I met Lauren Vacarello, who’s a totally awesome chick, and she can drink like a Viking =) I had met my match =)


Pat Sexton and the very cool Todd Malicoat were also hanging out in the bar. Todd is such a nice guy, although looking slightly scary with red eyes =) I on the other hand HAVE to stop posing! Ugh! I’m lucky no one asked me “how much?”.


So obvioulsy this led to ehm…yep yet another Tequila breakfast. This time a slightly bigger group. From left Stephen Pavlovich, a drunken LisaD, Dave “let’s drink more” Davis, CK, Lauren and Todd Malicoat.


To end this epic of a social roundup, I thought I post a photo of my favourite “blackhat” Steve aka Esrun. He’s 21 but kept on getting asked for I.D every second whilst in the Casinos. So, he got this t-shirt printed for the last day of gambling, I thought it was pretty feckin hilarious. Didn’t stop them asking for I.D though, even when Steve went “really you want to kill a poor little rabbit”


All in all, Vegas was totally awesome (shit I sound American), the networking was great and I learnt loads, although next time…..I think I will be kinder to my liver……as if.

Edit: if you read the comments on this post you see Jane commenting on a really bad photo of her….did you mean this one Jane? Mowhahahahha…..sorry couldn’t resist it…although I think Ciaran looks worse than you. Sorry Ciaran :)


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24 Responses to “Gambling, drink and SEO – it’s PubCon 2007”

  1. Julie Joyce says:

    How come you didn’t post any photos of you Lisa? Hahahahaha. I will say, those are some seriously nice knickers that you gave Jay.

  2. Great pictures. Going to Pubcon as a light drinker, I definitely learned how to handle some liquor. However, I cannot drink quite as much as some of these people! But how easy is it to network with a few drinks!! :)

    I can’t wait until the next one!

  3. Jane says:

    By far the best Pubcon round up I’ve seen.

    I’m surprised that you didn’t use The Worst Picture Ever Taken of Me… is that a “thanks” for not mentioning your (now defunct) Vegas wedding during my London presentation!? Because you know that was just me being slow, right?

  4. ha! I know, it’s the first time I’ve come back from abroad and 99% of the photos I’m actually in. Who the hell took these photos??? ;)

  5. Jane: thanks =) Which picture is the worst ever of you?? Ehm not that I would ever post that, and yeah I do owe you for not mentioning the wedding…Actually I’m surprised how smoothly I hid away from the whole “wedding” story in Vegas. Probably because Danny didn’t arrive before the last day!!

  6. Stephanie: What you are a light drinker??? Damn I should have asked this in the “vetting” process. To be an SEO Chick you need to be able to drink at least two barrels of beer and still be standing =) ha!

    Yeah networking is so much easier after a couple of drinks, although it also gets you into TROUBLE when you say the first thing that enters your head, like “your avatar is so cheesy” Dude: “That is the rudest thing anyone has ever said to me. I’ve only just met you.”

    Crap…need to learn how to shut up!

  7. Lisa – you are one of a kind… and I think the world is a safer place as a result ;)

    Fab post!

  8. Julie Joyce says:

    I have never seen a bad photo of Jane. Please post so that I can feel better hahahahaha. Damn you blondes!

  9. Jane says:

    It’s been known to happen! Hint: the one I’m talking about happened at 6am and involves me with my hand over my face.

  10. Julie Joyce says:

    I don’t believe it. I want proof.

  11. Can we put peer pressure on Jane through comments on this blog do ya think?

  12. Jane says:

    I hate you, Lisa! And to think that I was going to mail your jacket to you today… :P

  13. Jim Boykin says:

    Lisa is was great chatting with you! Looking forward to chatting again!

  14. Jane: oopsy, crap shouldn’t have thought about the jacket before I posted that photo :p But you asked for it, you even described what you looked like in the photo “….the one Im talking about happened at 6am and involves me with my hand over my face….” Mwaaa…But to be fair even in your “worst picture” you look fucking great ;)

  15. Julie Joyce says:

    Yes I’d like to go on record as not liking Jane any more. And why do I look high in that photo? And where’s my hand seriously? I’ve had two people ask.

    I may have to switch careers back to bearded lady. Again.

  16. Jane says:

    Aww, sad :( If I’d taken the hand away from the face, it would have been a sad sight. The eyes were the colour of the dress.

  17. g1smd says:

    Are you sure you went to the real “PubCon” and not some random Beerfest; one that just happened to have a lot of SEOs attending too?

    Great photo set. Let’s see if everyone can get as drunk as that again at SES London in just two months time…

  18. Gary Lee says:

    Hi SEO Chicks . . . .Dave referred me over to this site and I must say you guys looked like you guys had a LOT of fun in Vegas . . . too bad we missed you guys there .. . hopefully next time you hit up vegas . . . we could all meet up and have a even better time! ;) . . .btw, i have just subscribed to your RSS . . . looking forward to reading more!

  19. Ummm, I guess I’m a bit late to the party…How’d I miss this post?!?!?! Lisa, you da bomb-diggity, guuuurl…Such a genuine and lovely person :) Cheers for the great chat and for the shout-out here…can’t wait to get together again in London :)

  20. Amazing. Of all the darn photo’s you had to pick you managed to put the one up after I puked ;-) . P.S. IF I learnt something from the Pubcon 2007, it’s that you never drink tequila and coffee together…

    Was great meeting you Lisa and look forward to chatting soon… Keep up the great BLOG.

  21. Hey Steve!! What happened to you? Didn’t see you for the rest of the week lol…

    Now that I got the link to your site I’ve given you some link love from the blogpost =)

  22. Ooooooo… That’s a lesson I’m going to keep in mind next time I’m tempted by tequila – I love my Starbucks too much!

  23. SEO INDIA says:

    what r u discussing guys??

  24. Julie Joyce says:

    Um, I have no idea.

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