SEO Chicks Changed My Life – Met Fan at BBC Backstage Party – Spotted Google & Yahoo Drinking TOGETHER!

When the SEO Chicks were sent the questionnaire by our lovely Julie about the last 6 months, and we were asked how it had changed our lives, at that point I hadn’t really noticed a difference.

Enter PubCon and suddenly we had a fan (HI NATASHA!) asking us to sign her t-shirt (which we failed to do – SORRY!).  Others wiggled out of the woodwork and suddenly I realised that not only were more than 6 people reading the blog, they actually recognised the other chicks and me!  SEO Chicks changed my life (and not in a National Enquirer way) forever!

So, on I move to the past weekend and the BBC Backstage Christmas Bash.  BBC Backstage is a grouping of techie sorts who hack and code and generally enjoy coding.  According to the BBC Backstage website “ is the BBC’s developer network to encourage innovation and support new talent. Content feeds are available for people to build with on a non-commercial basis.”

Admitting to just how much of a geek I am in public now, I went to this techie Christmas drinks event which I have been attending since its inception.  Always a great evening with geeks, I met up with Suw Charman, Improbulus (who had to leave early to sing Messiah), Ian Forrester, Ryan A, and others.  I also made new friends in Trisha (who is an SEO Chick fan – HI TRISHA!), plus Marko and Martin – Yahoo and Google respectively.  They were drinking together, enjoying the company (me and Trisha and Cotta and someone whose name I forget) and talking about stuff they couldn’t talk about.  So you can gather the conversation was scintillating.

What did I learn?  Those two Dutch guys were great fun and I wished I could have chatted with them more.  Regrettably being a filthy spammer SEO meant my time with them was limited by my profession.  Sad but true – apparently I went black hat after a glass of mulled wine (white hats – watch that stuff!).

I did find out about knols and Google’s wiki-killer project.  No, I don’t believe it’ll kill wikipedia nor am I totally sure it’ll take off.  I do understand why they are doing it but it will be ad-driven and so never seen as completely neutral.  Not that Wikipedia is neutral, it just seems less evil.

Quote of the night?  “We’re just more subtly evil” by Google guy who said it in response to a conversation about Google, market dominance and the statement “don’t be evil”.  Really does just sum it up, doesn’t it?

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12 Responses to “SEO Chicks Changed My Life – Met Fan at BBC Backstage Party – Spotted Google & Yahoo Drinking TOGETHER!”

  1. Julie Joyce says:

    “Subtly” is a really hard word to pronounce correctly. Did he pronounce it properly??? I’m breathless with anticipation…

  2. He was Dutch – I’m guessing a bit.
    Trisha who was with me and Improbulus also tried hard to understand.

    As for breathless – you should have felt his abs of steel… :)

  3. Trisha says:

    “Hi, my name is Trisha and I’m a SEO chickaholic”

    My dirty secret is out : )

    As for the Dutchmen – they became harder and harder to understand as the night (and drinks) wore on.

  4. Julie Joyce says:

    Helllooooo Trisha! Our second fan. Haha. It is funny how it makes you feel to meet someone who likes the blog…when I met the charming Jon Henshaw in Vegas and he said he was a fan, I was giddy all night, walking around like I was Snoop Dog.

  5. *teeheehee* It was so cool to meet you Trisha! It’s always cool to meet someone who loves the blog!

    Those guys were so funny though. I have a picture of them looking well dodgy!

    I never did track down the guy with the Prestat chocolates bag – I did get some free chocolate from a guy at Google last night though :)

  6. Natasha says:


    It was great to meet you I am glad you remembered me. I am definitely a HUGE fan! I will have to catch up with all of you at another conference to get my shirt signed!:)

  7. Trish says:

    Now that I’ve been outed, guess that means no more lurking : )

    Ah Judith, the question is was it subtly evil Google chocolate or just down right sinful??

  8. @Natasha – too true we will sign the shirt!! I was so thrilled to meet you and find out you were a fan!

    @Trish – Yep no more lurking! The chocolate was Divine fair trade chocolate and Green & Blacks organic chocolate so it was YUM!

  9. g1smd says:

    Heh, I assume that you know this blog ranks #1 in Google for [SEO chocolate] now.

  10. @g1smd – wow I had not checked that! First “SEO chocolate” next “chocolate”!! Mind you, I *LOVE* Chocolate Society chocolates so I’ll let them have the #1 spot ;)

  11. Julie Joyce says:

    We’re number one for “seo ass juice” too, which is even better.

  12. HA HA JULIE! You crack me up! What more can a girl ask for in this life, hunh?

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