2007= The Year of Facebook

Facebook Growth

What is Blue and White and Read All Over?

What has more than 59 million users? Has 250,000 new members per day since January 2007? Has more than 14 million photos uploaded daily? Has More than 65 billion page views per month?

No…. Not Orkut.

The Answer is Facebook!

Whether you love it or hate it, if you are reading this blog, you are a Facebook member and you use it daily.

Every SEO Chick has a Facebook.

Here is how People were using Facebook in August 2007:

It was only a matter of time before every SEO, Link Bulider, and Internet Marketer in general saturated this amazing Social Networking site and took over. When the opportunity arrived over the summer to include applications and more recently Business/ Fan Pages there are more and more Facebook marketing campaigns popping up everyday.

Facebook made headlines many times this year. From when they sold a portion of advertising rights to Microsoft for a whopping $240 million, beating out Google’s bid. And then more recently Facebook has been battling their issues with the newer Beacon addition (Beacongate), which was heavily discussed in the blogosphere. Growing at such a rapid rate, I am sure that Facebook will definitely show up in the headlines for both negative and positive reasons more frequently.

Facebook has become an important tool for not only internet marketers, but all kinds of business. However, it is difficult for some (including me) to keep Facebook at work being ultimately work driven and not include social fun, but somewhere there is a thin line.

So if you are not using Facebook as part of your Social Media or Social Networking campaign, here is a list of blogs I find super helpful to keep yourself updated on whats new on Facebook:

  1. Face Reviews – An awesome up to date Facebook news blog for marketers.
  2. The Official Facebook Blog- Updated by Staff and Zuckerberg himself.
  3. Inside Facebook- Tracking Facebook and it’s platform.
  4. Facebooking101- Facebook Bloggers- Collects random posts about Facebook from all around the blogosphere.
  5. All Facebook- The UNofficial Facebook Blog.

Facebook has definitely changed my work-flow (and my life) over the past 6 months and has improved Brand Management, Traffic spikes, link building, and it has opened up HUGE doors in my career through networking.


  1. Has Facebook changed your life more so than other Social sites, such as Myspace, Bebo, LinkedIn, etc?
  2. How often do you use Facebook?
  3. Do you include Facebook in your marketing campaigns?
  4. Do you use Facebook Mobile or Faceberry ?
  5. How has Facebook changed your work performance over the last year?

Facebook Comic

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15 Responses to “2007= The Year of Facebook”

  1. Of course I totally have to plug the SEO Chicks own facebook app that feeds the top 3 blog posts in to your facebook page showing the world you are too cool.

    Just add http://apps.facebook.com/seochicksapp/ to your facebook profile!

  2. jas says:

    i dont have a facebook acct, nor do i know what the hell a seo chick is. also dont care.
    blow me very much! thanks!

  3. Julie Joyce says:

    Is this post about me?

  4. Wow there’s ego for you – not you Julie! I mean… why are you here if you don’t know what this blog is about…?

    I think I missed a memo somewhere…

    Are we admitting to gross ignorance in comments this week?

    I don’t know what the Enochian for “idiot” is and I don’t have a Japan Rail pass.

  5. Stephanie, I was going to post this to Julie, being that she is my favorite chick after Rebecca..:)
    But I should not show favortisim, and get to know all the wonderful ladies!

    Oh FaceBook! I hope they like me..:)
    I have this great wall even FaceBook would envy…

    Come check it out, it gets updated often now days, as well as the blog, me and a few of my SEO chimps add some rants to it from time to time!

    Ho, Ho, Ho!
    Happy holidays, Ladies!

  6. Julie Joyce says:

    Igor what do you mean “after Rebecca”?? What has she done to deserve favoritism? She’s not really Asian you know. The Irish need some love too. Oh hey Rebecca. I love you.

    Damn damn damn.

  7. I figured I’ll get your Irish blood boiling with that one..:)

    But she is the one who enticed me to SeoMoz, way way back then when the sky was gray and the waters were muddy!

    I heard her Siren call, and ship wrecked on her lovely bosom shore! What were the words, I earn to recall, but in the winter of discontent I was powerless to hold!

    Oh yeah it went something like this! The Cuttlets…Matt… I cannot remember more and do not wish to dig up the past, mush to the future my Irish Lass. You are my true friend here today!

  8. Julie Joyce says:

    I’m way too easy. Glad to see you’re falling in line properly Igor. (cue maniacal laughter and gleeful hand rubbing)

  9. I’am glad you liked my little poem. Dedicated it just for you!

    Glad to be of service to the higher cause…

  10. Julie Joyce says:

    Stephanie…I rudely forgot to answer your questions so here you go.
    1. Has Facebook changed your life more so than other Social sites, such as Myspace, Bebo, LinkedIn, etc? Yes it has. My life is finally fulfilling now that I can poke Lisa without having to call her the next day.
    2. How often do you use Facebook? Every minute.
    3. Do you include Facebook in your marketing campaigns? No one will let me unfortunately. All my clients suck.
    4. Do you use Facebook Mobile or Faceberry ? I am not that coordinated yet so no.
    5. How has Facebook changed your work performance over the last year? It’s greatly decreased it. I used to work about 10% of the time but it’s now down to 2% thanks to comparing my taste in music and poking people.

    Were those serious questions?

  11. Oooooo…. me too

    1. Yes – more social, more networking, more gaming (whoops what a giveaway)
    2. at least once a day
    3. yes when I am able to – currently working on facebook apps! (ooo… how geeky am I)
    4. not really – I don’t use it enough normally. I do mobile twitter…
    5. it has helped because I chat through problems on it (OK… that just certified me 100% nerdy geek)

  12. Girls, I would be really careful in investing your time in FaceBook or MySpace both social media netwokrs leave a nasty after taste in users’ mouths…

    Also the contacts you are trying to build there, how real the people are? I rather go to niche places and build solid contacts with real people..:)

    Probably as a place for fun and games it may be worth it, but productivity, I doubt it.

  13. Julie, I gave you some love, but it is really hard to do because you are an S not an A..:)

    But will try to stick it the right way so you get what you deserve. It is ashame to see such nice ladies playing in a SandBox…

    Google does not love you or something!

    disclaimer: If you have trouble understanding my lingo, just ask, and I will explain accordingly.

    Mr. Troll

  14. Julie Joyce says:

    I’m not too fond of Google either…Mr. Troll sounds quite formal Igor.

  15. Thank Julie, Igor is just fine..:)

    Yeah Google, it is like a piece of bread that is stuck in your throught.

    It is a good thing went bad. I really do not know if it is really sulvigable, we just need to work around he big gorilla.

    Life goes on no matter What Matt or Google says. And there are alternative ways of doing things.

    For example my new blog does not get any visitors from Google but I got about 200 unique hits yesterday. I guess there are people out there who are interested in what I have to say.

    To me it is all about being sincere and honest, and first you have to be that with one self before you can be with others.

    I am from a school of hard nocks and life taught me one too many lessons, so I am not surpised by anything and always speak stright forward to people.

    If someone gets angry from what I say they are at a loss. Maybe they should think about it before jumping to a conclusion. I always try to help people because I know how hard life is.

    Like with Matt and some other few who have crossed my path recently, I do believe they have good in them and all of us who ar thinking of the future need each other, so in my weired way I try to show to them what it is all about.

    Life is not about SEO. But what I say today probably will not be understood by many people for years, that is how evolution is.

    Thank ou Julie.

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