Technical SEO Best-Practise: Slides from The Digital Marketing Show

Last week myself and my UK-based fellow SEO Chicks spoke at the Digital Marketing Show at Londons’ Excel. Our panel discussion was on Technical SEO, with each of us leading a few slides on one main topic; detailing the best-practise concerns and of course, the most common mistakes.

Here are the slides from the day and our twitter handles precede each section so feel free to tweet us if you have any technical questions.

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5 Responses to “Technical SEO Best-Practise: Slides from The Digital Marketing Show”

  1. Tom says:

    I never knew that about 302 redirects not passing link juice and not redirecting spiders.

    Maybe someone should tell The Guardian, their site uses 302 redirects!

  2. Hi Tom,

    Whilst using a 301 to redirect a URL from old to new is best-practise; there are still some occasions when a 302 redirect is required and these situations tend to be quite advanced and difficult to legislate for in an “introduction” kind of presentation.

    In the case of The Guardian they are using conditional redirects based on user-geolocation, so concentrating equity and brand presence on .com and then 302 redirecting the user to the most suitable version for them. For me I get 302 redirected to

    In this case this is the right thing for them to do in the situation as you wouldn’t want to redirect all users and all crawlers/equity to the UK version, as that wouldn’t allow for different treatment for different locations.

    I imagine they are using an additional hrelang implementation which creates a circular reference to each market in which they have a specific content version for.This helps spread authority around the site and language version, at the same time as allowing the user to be conditionally redirected to the right version for them!

    Hope that makes sense?

  3. Tom says:

    Hi Nichola,

    Yeah that does make sense, thanks for the detailed explanation!


  4. Colin says:

    Loved this presentation – thanks very much, SEO Chicks! Also, the Danny Dyer slide might be my favourite slide ever.

  5. Thanks Colin.

    He’s my favourite tool ;-)

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