10 Reasons Why You Should STILL Be Using Facebook

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Since writing a few blog posts about the benefits of using Facebook for marketing, I have been asked; “Well, how do you do it?” There are no secrets to using Facebook, unless you are running illegal scripts. Depending on the reasons and types of markets you might be dealing with on Facebook, it’s really quite simple to utilize the social network as a marketing tool.

“Don’t hate on Facebook.” Give it a chance before you decide to curse it to hell as an annoying social site that is a waste of time. If you STILL aren’t using Facebook for yourself, you won’t be able to understand how to use it for anyone else.

Create your “internet marketer” profile. I prefer when people give it their own personal touch. Add some (and only some) albums of cool pictures for me to see what you are like. Myself among many others are dying to judge you. This sounds a lot worse than it actually is.

By now, you probably already know over 100 people on Facebook. Whether they are your actually friends, or authors of the blogs you read. The #1 Simple Step of Social Media Success is to connect with these people, according to Chris Winfield. Facebook makes it really easy for you, and separates these people into networks, and clubs. You already know who you should be conversing with. In most cases, networking professionals will accept your friend request.

Some of these people, you might not have gotten a chance to talk to at the latest convention and now you are looking at mobile uploads of their children. This really is a wonderful tool.

Here are 10 reasons why you should STILL be using Facebook as a Marketing Professional:

  1. Join all the groups that relate to you & add connections: Start conversations with people you look up to in the industry. Possibly gain a friend request or two hundred.
  2. Promote your blog or other blogs you are promoting on your profile, using BlogFriends. You spent hours perfecting the perfect blog post, now everyone knows.
  3. Draw attention to yourself quickly: Upload a new album, post a note, poke people (occasionally), comment on everyone’s stuff. Being popular on Facebook can easily transfer over to real life.
  4. Set up real life connections: Introduce yourself to your Facebook friends. Start a relationship. These people are also voters on Social News sites, and blog writers, and good people to know.
  5. Research information for clients & Gain Knowledge: Dive head first into groups and read what people are saying about your clients. Excellent for those who are practicing Reputation Management. Read forums, participate, research, and get to work!
  6. Network before big events: With SMX West coming up, there are tons of groups to join. See who will be there. Set up a meeting with these people by sending them a message on Facebook, or just simply join the group so people will know you will be there as well. Look at their profile, if they have recent news, you will have a conversation starter at the convention.
  7. Update your Status: I hate to say it but those people who tie in their Twitter with their Facebook status are super helpful. If you become a regular status updater, people will always take interest in whatever your doing. It’s like reality TV. *Congratulations to Glen Allsopp who just PASSED HIS DRIVING TEST! 38m ago*
  8. Applications Help: It’s true that many applications are annoying. But the Stumble Upon application is awesome! It shows on your profile and news feed what you are Stumbling, so this way everyone else knows, and will also stumble if they are interested.
  9. Facebook is Improving: The ever changing controls are sometimes annoying but helpful. You can edit your preferences in the news feeds and see what you want to see. You can also control what people see about you with privacy and security settings.
  10. Facebook Profiles Rank- If clients are looking you up, they might like the fact that your profile comes up (but they might not). In this case, it works the same as LinkedIn. So make sure to keep it as Professional as the business you run. *For example: While hiring, I did a search and found a possible employee Facebook page and lets just say they weren’t hired based on the profile picture alone. This could have totally worked in their favor, if I saw a nice clean page with nice comments from Coworkers, friends, a link to their blog, etc.

So… Why Not? It’s totally up to you how you want to use it. If you choose not to use Facebook, then don’t. If you just want to use to it watch what everyone else is doing, that is fine too. You don’t have to add every application, or give drinks to your Top Friends. You can totally make what you want of it.
I hope that this post helps people who are still “Hating” and helps them find success with Facebook conversations, like I have in many ways.

If you have any other reasons or ideas why Marketing Professionals should STILL be using Facebook, please let me know!

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12 Responses to “10 Reasons Why You Should STILL Be Using Facebook”

  1. Julie Joyce says:

    You’re such a hip youngster…excellent post! I love Facebook and spend too much time on it, but I do find that it’s seriously fantastic for the most part. I’ve gotten in touch with several old contacts through it, and made a ton of new ones, so it’s definitely worth your time, even if you hate this type of thing. And if you hate it, you are obviously a communist.

  2. Love the post Steph – it is so clean and for someone that doesnt use it – I get it :o )
    (BTW: I know I am missing some apostrophes but my computer really annoyingly will not let me use one – it keeps launching the quick search box…)

    As a marketing tool Facebook is potentially a gold mine. It also allows the creativity juices to flow as it is such an unusual environment. The biggest problem as I see it (for a marketer), is that although the audience is huge, they have not expressed an interest in buying. So, as a marketer you would be push-marketing… that is not to say that you can not find a way to target…

    Any opinion on why it has taken off so much better than any of the other social networking sites?

  3. Stephanie says:

    @ Julie- Thats probably the worst part about trying to use Facebook professionally. It can suck you in for periods of time. I try to set actual time aside at the end of the time for my Nonsense Facebook Indulgence.

    @ Anita- I’m glad you feel that way. I didn’t want to see another SEO Chick hating on Facebook the way you hinted at in a previous comment :)

  4. Stephanie, that one of the down sides of the whole Social Media arena, they all “suck you in” and next thing you know an hour has passed. Great article as I am getting ready to start a FB group for a new online brand.

  5. robojiannis says:

    The recent security breaches don’t concern you? Or their privacy policy?
    When you delete your facebook account all the information remains in facebook. The only way to remove it, is to delete one by one (sometimes a cumbersome process)

  6. Really interesting and brilliant article. Facebook is hot but marketers really don’t understand how to use it. I love working on marketing ideas through Facebook and think it is brilliant however work doesn’t always agree ;)

    I think as long as you are aware of the limitations, the benefits professionally for your brand outweigh the “haters” and drawbacks :D :p

  7. Stephanie says:

    @Anthony A.K.A. OldSchool – It is true. All Social Media sites can very easily suck you in but I always try to make sure my time spent has purpose.

    @robojiannis – Part of me is definitely concerned about my personal information. If I chose to stay away from Facebook because of that, I miss out on a whole world of Marketing that is needed.

    @ Judith- Its unfortunate that not all companies agree that time spent on social sites is important. But because some people misuse these sites, I can understand some companies being against it.

  8. Matt Davies says:

    I read this article on Facebook a few days ago, a quite interesting (and possibly paranoid) look into their security and privacy issues -

    I’m still getting a lot of use out of Facebook but the shine has definitely been taken off recently. The combined security issues and continual invitations for pointless applications are making using it as much a chore as a pleasure.

  9. Glen Allsopp says:

    Hey Steph, cheers for the link and the congratulations ;)

  10. [...] 10 Reasons Why You Should STILL Be Using Facebook [...]

  11. Najja Banks says:

    I like facebook although i am guilty of not participating as much as i should, it is just way to easy to get distracted online haha. I will definetly take some of your advice and at least update my status regularly.

  12. I never thought of facebook being used for business purposes to make contacts, i and most people i know use it for catching up with old friends and just general socializing. But i do agree that the people who constantly update their status and photos and poke people, do capture your attention, like a reality tv. But i think for the wrong reasons,i don’t need to know their every move,or feeling.

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