SES London Conference & Party

Search Engine Strategies Ė Feb 2008
Wohoo Iím a speaker at Search Engine Strategies London this year , pretty cool, especially considering my first ever conference was SES London this time last year. SES London is on from 19th Ė 21st February at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London.

Iím on the panel ďSearch Term Research & TargetingĒ with amongst other Christine Churchill and Maxim Grandchamp

If you are going to SES London, make sure you come and see me speak on Wednesday 20th Feb, 11:45-12:45, Iím going to be nervous as hell, so any support will be very much appreciated ;) No heckling please, unless it’s “Lisa you rock”…


LondonSEO party Thursday 21st Feb
As usual the search engines are rubbish at organizing ANY parties during search conferences in the UK, so LondonSEO are again organizing a big piss up for the last day of SES London.

This time I have high jacked the LondonSEO site and Iím organizing the party. It took some convincing Rob and Mike to let me do it. But Iím not one for giving up =)

The party is being held at the Camden Head in Islington, only 2 min from the Business Design Centre. We are estimating around 100 thirsty search marketers coming to the party, the lovely Dave Davis from RedFly Marketing and Ciaran Norris from Altogether Digital are sponsoring the party. Thanks guys!

redfly_logo.png altogetherlogo11.gif

It should be a good laugh, for more info about the party visit LondonSEO I have also started a LondonSEO Facebook Group for anyone that wants to join (you have to be logged into facebook to follow the link!)

See you there?!!

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16 Responses to “SES London Conference & Party”

  1. I’ll be there in a cheerleaders outfit complete with pom poms cheering you on!!!

    Oooorrrr…. maybe not. It might be too frightening a sight. ;) :p

  2. ha ha! That might be a tiny bit distracting, other panelists: “who’s the nutter at the back bouncing up and down in a green cheerleader outfit”…

  3. Julie Joyce says:

    I will be sedately cheering you on from my couch, in true classy SEO Chicks fashion.

  4. I may be a nutter but I’m peanut-free therefore safe :P

    Shame you won’t be there Julie – would be good to have more of the chicks together.

    We’ll eat the chocbait without ya ;)

  5. Stephanie says:

    Julie- I am totally there with you!

    Mannnnnnn…. I would love to be there. Haven’t been to London since I was 19! :)

  6. Julie Joyce says:

    Well Steph, you ARE the “julie joyce cheerleader”

  7. ha ha, would have been so cool to have you chicks there! I’m going to be shitting myself, which usually means one of two things, I’ll speak at 100 mph OR speak like a politician.

  8. Tricia Hanrahan says:

    What? No Sailor Moon costume Judith??

  9. You know I am so much more a Sailor Mars chick than Sailor Moon. I mean… Sailor Moon is such a whiner and Sailor Mars is just so much more firey and has long black hair and whatnot.

  10. Matt Davies says:

    Will be seeing you there then! I’m coming down on the Tuesday night for the Wednesday conference, so will be at your presentation Lisa. Won’t be able to join in the fun at the party though, sadly… have to be heading back Wednesday night. Maybe next time…

  11. hey Matt, great, will be nice to meet you finally. Shame you cant make the party though.

  12. g1smd says:

    Looks like I am in London for the whole week, from Sunday to Saturday, this time… going to be a very busy week.

  13. Tricia Hanrahan says:

    I wish I could go but as a mere librarian, who is currently lacking in the business card (and funds) area – you lot won’t allow me too play *pout*

    Will be there in spirit cheering Lisa on (minus cheerleader, sailor moon/mars costume).

  14. @Trish – So? Show up with Google guy (who is far too skinny – I mean, really…) and Yahoo guy (who is funny when he’s drunk) and we’ll all have a great time talking about food from holes in the wall!

    I should point out – Sailor Mars goes around in a Shinto priestess outfit which covers her completely. It’s only when she transforms she goes all skimpy outfit and red high-heeled shoes.

  15. Tricia Hanrahan says:

    @judith – Alright, you’ve twisted my arm – I’ll come out of the comfort of lurkings and smirkings and say hej. Only if I can bring Java’s script :)

  16. Ollie says:

    Sound like a good laugh! Is there on for 2009 & 2010

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