SEO Jobs for the Girls – a deCabbit view of London SEO jobs

Every so often I get irritated and start looking for a job.  It’s only usually when I’m irritated or it would occur to me to use my network and check with them for a job.  However, not everyone has a network – and not everyone knows where to look or what is reasonable.

I went looking recently and was surprised at the amount of variation in salaries offered.  Since I knew of a few SEOs looking for something new, I thought it would be a fun blog post.  There are lots of decent jobs out there but I’ve tried to select a good cross-section of mock-worthy and praise-worthy.  The commentary is my own and does not reflect the opinions or views of my employer or the SEO-Chicks.

Hopefully this will become a regular feature and please do let me know if anyone reading this gets a job as a result of seeing it here.  It would be good to know I helped.

I’d like to draw your attention to the salary survey put out by SEMPO. While it relates to in-house SEOs only, it does give a good indication of what someone with a certain number of years, handling a certain budget could expect to earn.  They are currently conducting an Agency Search Salary Survey

Also – women tend to fail to apply for a job unless they have at least 80% of what is being asked for whereas men will go when they have as little as 30%.  BE STRONG CHICKS and go for these jobs whether you think you have enough or not.  This industry needs more women willing to take a chance!

I did the following searches (links should give search results):

SEO Jobs London - (aggregator)
SEO England London - SEOVacancies (main site link)
SEO SEM United Kingdom London – JobsInSearch (main site link)
SEO W1 10 miles - Totaljobs

Search Engine Optimisation Assistant/SEO Assistant/Search Executive - 18-20K + benefits
This is the type of role you want to look at taking to get introduced to search optimising or marketing jobs.  It may not be the kind of impressive salary more senior SEOs get but we all have to start somewhere.  This is a great opportunity to start from nothing   GO FOR IT!

Junior SEO Consultant – to  £27,000+benefits
This is a good opportunity to get a foot in the door and get a great salary to boot.  This job doesn’t require anything but a passion for SEO  You may be experienced with SEO or you could be a recent graduate who is passionate about SEO with desire to get into the industry  WOW!  Jump on this all you budding SEOs in and around London.

SEO Executive – £28k
While these folks are asking for ‘proven experience’ don’t be put off by those strong-sounding words.  All it means is that you’ve done something and can show your work for example changing title tags after keyword research or working on a PPC campaign and the steps you went through.  They will be looking for some hands-on something so even if you just helped with keyword research give it a shot!

SEO/Search Engine Optimisation Specialist – £30000 – £35000 per annum + healthcare, gym membership, bonus
OK- the perks are nice but really – if you have 3 years agency side and 2 years managing large accounts, you’re going to be looking for a head role – and more money with a manager role.  This is most certainly not a ‘top salary package’ as they claim in the ad.  Look elsewhere!

SEO Specialist - Leading Online Fashion Brand – Up to £35k
I’m always wary about people who think they know what thy are doing – asking for a ‘white hat’ to fix a site with ’1,200 back links’ and a ‘PR of 4/10′ plus want someone ‘who has the skills and commercial experience to turn their vast links into profitable link juice’.  The pay is not fantastic but if you’re only caring for one site – fashion though it may be – how much work is there going to be after 6 months?

SEO Manager - £35 – 50,000 basic + bonus + excellent package
Oooohhhh- I’m liking the sound of this one – especially if you can negotiate up to the £50k salary.  The request for skills is reasonable, and really the requirements are realistic.  They aren’t asking for the moon and have a good idea of what they want.  I’m not an agency kinda gal and sales isn’t something that ever floats my boat but this looks like an excellent opportunity!

SEO Manager- Online Marketing Agency – 40-45k + Bonus
I’m always wary of jobs like this as it doesn’t really seem like they know what they want.  However, this is for a new team and so you’ll be coming in to an environment where you can mould and shape and grow the team.  This is the perfect kind of job for someone who wants to get in to it up to their elbows and really make a difference.

International Search Director - £40,000 to £50,000 per annum
I’m sorry – is this a joke?  Man management, Google qualified, experience – Ladies, go elsewhere.  What kind of a moron thinks this is enough to pay for someone with skills, qualifications, a degree and a European language?!?!  Seriously!  Don’t apply for this job – laugh at it!

Head of Search - £65 – 80k
This should actually be billed as head of PPC rather than head of search.  A throw-away statement at the end of the job advert makes this clear.  This looks to be a fun position with US and European travel and liaising with non-technical departments.  If you’re looking for that next move to head, I’d go for it.  In fact, I might go for it myself!

Hope you had fun and maybe applied for a few jobs.  The two with search results ( and Totaljobs) are a quick way to find what’s gone up recently.  The other two (JobsInSearch and SEOVacancies) you will need to put search parameters in yourself.

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8 Responses to “SEO Jobs for the Girls – a deCabbit view of London SEO jobs”

  1. ^ Clever on-topic spam :)

  2. Dweezil28 says:

    hi this is a great piece, really interesting. I am an Account Manager in SEO and PPC and only a few months in so I am interested to see where I might be able to go in the future, especially as I am learning more about search every day, from a starting point of knowing nothing! My background in media, sales and marketing gave me the solid start, the rest is a big learning curve, but great fun!

  3. Kelvin says:

    They aren’t all from MAD rob are they?

    Or are you talking about the comment above? That’s a blatant spam comment, fess up which SEO Chick let it slip through the net?

  4. Tricia says:

    As a new chickie-bunny about to plunge into the awfully big adventure that is SEO, this is most helpful! I’m currently negotiating my pay, role, duties etc and have been feeling somewhat lost – thanks for a bit of guidance as to what is out there and what I should realistically be asking for.

  5. Eloi says:

    Great Stuff Judith!
    I have noticed that depending on where you search you get very variable pays for SEO/SEM, probably cuz it’s so new! It’s real important to differentiate between in house and agency side though, because that’s two completely different jobs as ou eplain well in the SEO Specialist – Leading Online Fashion Brand
    Common Rob, this is not spam it’s affiliates!

  6. DazzlinDonna says:

    Wow, if this is spam, I’m losing my touch. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, and last I checked, I still hated spam. (*Looks behind shoulder, under bed, in the closets*). Yep, I still hate spam. But this post…I liked. Hence…not spam. :)

  7. Thank you everyone for your positive comments! So glad the work was appreciated :)

    @Donna That’s the best defence ever!

    @Eloi I should have gotten myself an affiliate code *doh* ;)

    @Tricia It was the “International Head of Search” which shocked me with regards to salary and skills demand. It’s been suggested next time I do an in-house and agency comparison for jobs and skills and the like.

    @Kelvin I was sick yesterday so all I did was click “publish” so it wasn’t me *winks*

    @Dweezil28 Brilliant! I can’t wait to see you at the SEO events as a new SEO Chick!

    @evilgreenmonkey :P

  8. g1smd says:

    @DazzlinDonna : The spam was in the first comment and that comment was removed soon after eveilgreenmonkey commented on it.

    He’s not pointing at the main post, but at a comment that is no longer there. :-)

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