Love is in the air…

The setting – Fiesole, Italy

The characters – playing the fiery viking is LisaD and the swashbuckling hero Jon Myers

The action – a romantic dinner, a romantic setting, a romance made in SEO.

What could possibly come of something like this but LOOOOOOOOOVE!

That’s right folks – the question was popped and LISA SAID YES! Our favourite Viking is getting married and I’m sure everyone wishes her well – I know all the SEO Chicks do! We love our Lisa!

I’ll let her tell the whole story but I’m sure that London SMX just got extra special so make sure you’re in town for it!

Jon is a wonderful person and Lisa is a special woman and I just know everyone is going to wish her oodles and oodles of luck and love!

SEO engagement


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5 Responses to “Love is in the air…”

  1. Dave Davis says:

    Here here! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer or madder pair. Congratulations to both Jon and Lisa.

    I can see it now… twitter updates from the ceremony. :)

  2. Julie Joyce says:

    Why is Jon a “person” yet Lisa is a “woman”…I’ve met him. He’s male. I’ve seen him in a swimsuit.

  3. Because jetlag and a few martinis a mile up don’t mix :-D

  4. Oh my oh my, I have been under a rock… at the end of the world…

    Congratulations Lisa chick and Jon!!! Awesome news and of course all the best wishes for your future together :o )

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