Will the REAL SEO Chicks please stand up!

Ok,so I was going to leave it, not going to get all het up about it. But nah….I’m a Viking, my brain explodes if I don’t say what I think.

SEO Chicks has been going now since June 2007, ok so 1 ½ years isn’t THAt long, but in the blogging world we could have already come and gone. SEO Chicks has done really well (or so we like to think), the bloggers we now have on board are fantastic. Our reputation has grown and our goal has been achieved, yep we are chicks and we know search ;p

When I first looked for domains for the blog I was quite set on wanting to call it “SEO Chicks”, but the domain seochicks.com was taken, it had been bought a while back but nothing was on it. I had to make a decision, should I think of another name or should I chance it? I chanced it and bought seo-chicks both .com and .co.uk But it HAD to bite me in the ass one day, I’m not stupid, I knew it would. But I remain the right to still get pissed off about it (I’m a woman after all). The people that own SEOChicks.com has now finally decided to go live with something on the domain BUT funnily enough the site has pretty much the same colours as ours (ok so a different shade of green)! And It’s 5 women offering SEO, PPC, Social Media etc, but as opposed to blogging about it they are actually offering out their services. But I can’t help but feel a bit cheated, that they are jumping on the success of the “brand” that we worked hard to build. Although SEO Chicks was never meant to be an agency or similar, they aren’t technically saying they are us, but it’s still a bit cunning. I must admit I’m not keen on people thinking these are THE SEO Chicks. Maybe I should buy “THEseochicks.com”, oh wait, I just did!

Ok I will stop moaning now, I just want to make it clear to everyone that seochicks.com has nothing to do with THE SEO Chicks.

Cause we’re the real SEO Chicks, yes we’re the real SEO Chicks
All you other SEO Chicks are just imitating
So won’t the real SEO Chicks please stand up!
Please stand up, please stand up?

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16 Responses to “Will the REAL SEO Chicks please stand up!”

  1. Luckily we all know who the REAL SEO-Chicks are :) .

    Besides, what’s that guy doing in the picture on that website? They’re not even all chicks!

  2. Jon Myers says:

    Nothing for the SEO Chicks to worry about form this lot Hon, only thing they have in common (in the sense of quality) is the colour of their website.

    Their “contact us” page is under construction!

  3. Louis Venter says:

    im with you Lisa, I’d get peeved about that too… its an established brand in our community, shame to see

  4. I guess the client acid test is to see who ranks better for SEO chicks :)

  5. Julie Joyce says:


    Didn’t some nut also impersonate one of us at a conference last year??

  6. @Julie: yep someone walked around at Pubcon saying they were one of the SEO Chicks, and she was a looney bin (hmm I guess that makes her more likely an seo chick)

    @Mr Allan: huh, “SEOchicks.com Dodge This” ;p

    @Jon, Louis & Bas: Thanks guys, and yeah whas up with the random guy in the picture lol. Maybe as a company they can’t be seen to be sexist and be only women?

  7. If the whois record can be believed, then here’s your competition: http://www.i-stuff.com/p/About-us.html

    I think the real chicks should challenge the fake chick(s) to a drinking contest with the winner controlling both domains.

    I know Julie can hold up her end (she puts me to shame).

    (Julie’s note: damn you Gene. So far I have kept my drinking WELL under wraps.)

  8. Julie Joyce says:

    Once they start posting photos of themselves in the loo like WE do, I’ll take them more seriously.

  9. TheMadHat says:

    That’s just wrong and mean. They deserve a solid kick to the head.

  10. Dave Davis says:

    Gene is right,
    Here’s the pseudo-chick:

  11. Jane Copland says:

    I not only challenge these faux chicks to a drinking contest (I beat Julie hands-down. In fact, I often get to play against the boys, I’m such a drunk), but I challenge them to a whose-browser-is-better contest. Do take note of the logo to the right of the home page. This comment brought to you via the power of Mozilla and the official I Judge You When You Use Internet Explorer Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/group.php?gid=41216328149

  12. Chewie says:

    Man i love that flash banner at the top of EVERY page on the seochicks.com site, oh wait… no i dont. I hate it.

    Anyway, you should hire a Russian hacker (probably called Boris) to 301 the entire domain over to yours, no one will ever know :o )

  13. Todd Mintz says:

    Actually, you’re more likely to get the little amount of business they’re generating on their own because they’ll be so buried in the SERPS that nobody will every be able to find them.

  14. At least it is safe to stay you will continue to rank #1 over at Google :)

    Keep up the good work, girls.

    I enjoy the blog, occasionally ;)


  15. Alex Gollner says:

    I just read that article by Rae Hoffman, and as I met deCabbit at Media Camp London 2 in December, I remembered that she mentioned SEO Chicks. I thought there might be a reaction to Rae, so went to seochicks.com

    Even though I had never been to any SEO Chicks site before, it took me 5 seconds to realise that this wasn’t the place deCabbit was talking about.

    I found the real SEO Chicks moments later.


  16. Hi Alex,

    Glad you found us in the end. Hopefully most people will realise that seochicks.com isn’t The Seo Chicks. But it’s not ideal I know.

    You refer to an article by Rae Hoffman and that you were looking for a reaction to Rae on SEO Chicks. Which article are you referring to?

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