New SEO Chick – Rebecca Kelley

A big welcome to Rebecca Kelley, the very cool dudette from SEOmoz.


I’m very pleased that Rebecca decided to join the SEO Chicks crew, I’ve been a big fan of SEOmoz and Rebecca for donkeys years. First time I met Rebecca was last year when she went to the UK to train with Fresh Egg. She has a great sense of humour (boarderline English humour) and knows her SEO. Sweet!

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5 Responses to “New SEO Chick – Rebecca Kelley”

  1. Another corrupted soul. Time for counter-measures me feels.

  2. A big WELCOME Rebecca. We’re all very happy you’re joining us.

    Especially since your making the monkey start reaching for “counter-measures”…

  3. Julie Joyce says:

    Welcome Rebecca…nice to have some more well-done sarcasm on board. Seriously it is. Maybe an SEO Chicks comic can come out of all this!

  4. Sorry for the delay–I just now got finished with all of my client work that was due.

    Thanks for the warm wishes! I’ll author my first SEO Chicks post very soon. :D

  5. [...] short month after I was bestowed the auspicious status of SEO-Chick, I finally got let out of my SEOmoz cage and am thus just now authoring my first post. (Sorry Lisa, [...]

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