Lets Call This Hypocrite Day Shall We?

There’s nothing new about this post. It’s been said before. But for those who still confuse ethics with believing whatever line of bull the search engines might be throwing out for their own betterment, I wanted to just put out a little reminder on this fine April day.

One definition of a hypocrite, according to dictionary.com, is:

a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, esp. one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

Google’s stance on paid links:

…link sellers can lose trust, such as their ability to flow PageRank/anchortext…when I say “paid links” it’s pretty safe to add in your head “paid links that flow PageRank and attempt to game Google’s rankings.”

And yet, Google has NO PROBLEM profiting off of this very thing, as you can see by the screenshots I took for a search for [sell links].



Like I said, nothing new here. We’ve all seen this before, but I like to serve a reminder now and then, that Google does what is in the best interest of Google’s bottom line, so keep that in mind the next time you kneel down at the altar of Goog. Just sayin’… :)

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11 Responses to “Lets Call This Hypocrite Day Shall We?”

  1. Disa Johnson says:

    It’s a circus. The thing to bring up as well is that at the debut of Sergey Brin as SES speaker (year 2000, his only appearance), he said that Google doesn’t believe “there is any such thing as Web spam.” That Google technology and the democracy of links made spam a non-issue. That quote and “XML is evil” are some favorites in my memory.

    I always thought they over-relied on links. I still think that. They sure are popular though. I’m a music fan. Who’s Next?

  2. Chris Hooley says:

    Google has become a very different company than they once were. I remember way back in the day (2 years ago) when everybody was clamoring for Google schwag, when SES San Jose was big *because* of the Google Dance, when people just loved their brand so much.

    This is no longer the public’s perception of the media giant. Resentment, fear, loathing – and not just from the SEO community. It’s crap like this that makes people hate Google.

    And tread carefully. My friend SnoopBloggyBlog had his site whacked for blogging out against Google’s big brand update. He never even actively built links for his site, so it was not whacked for shady SEO. He was whacked for calling the update “The Commmie Update”. Now he’s a PR 0.

    Those kind of knee jerk reactions, and these kind of hypocritical actions, will cause even more strong resentment.

    Google’s burning themselves. It’s sad. I just hope my sites don’t get whacked because of this comment…

  3. It would be rather trivial for Google to ban all sites paying ads targeting the keywords “sell|buy links”! I tend to think that

    As for buyers of links, why would they hire link builders that don’t rank in the top 50 results for those keywords anyway?

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  5. funny thing about Google, they are legally allowed to get away with WHAT ever they do, and there is NO OVERSIGHT period. What the hell is that about? Who is the person who would allow laws to be made, or people voted into elected office with out active laws to protect people? Google drives business now and there is not any control. I would love to see a few laws written about what they can do to innocent people who are supporting their family via paid links or in my case paid reviews. My husband is ill and can not work , so this is how I stay at home, care for my family and pay my bills. Each time Google does their page rank killing fields I lose rank, and so my pay per review drops. I do honest blogging, for two great and interesting topics but google hates me. I personally feel that they are out to destroy me and my family , yes I know… sounds paranoid but I dropped rank from 4/10 to now 2/10 inside of 6 months all because I write paid reviews. Now that so many are out of work, more will want to do reviews and what will happen to them? Google simply DOES NOT CARE about anyone needing to survive.,

    I hate google,

  6. Billy says:

    Too be honest – I’m a bigger fan of Dogpile than Google. They support charitable causes and work with all independent search providers to give a good mix of results.

    People are too lazy when it comes to search and want it all to be laid out for them in one engine. Problem is, Google, MSN and Yahoo all pick what shows up where.

    Research is meant to be RESEARCH – so look around for solid results.

    BTW – Dogpile.com just launched a new site called http://www.DoGreatGood.com – and their donating a portion of there revenue to Petfinder and the ASPCA.

    Great that theres a way we can help dog adoption programs at no cost.

  7. Thom says:

    I wish there was some kind of applaud icons on this comment box. Not only does donna have a valid post, but all of you who comment too. Someday the mighty giant will have to be tamed. hey I might start a boycott google campaign, but if I disappear please search for me, just not on google lol

  8. wonns says:

    there would nothing remain the same. internet will evolve quick and fast, people will drive people, but in this case money will drive google.

  9. Andrew says:

    I came from Sarah’s website so first of all love your work.
    Yes,hypocrite day should be awarded to google but even if something else came along we are still at its mercy.

    I’ve had around 10 sites in the last 12 months drop from 5/10 to 3/10 for no apparent reason so Google is definately up to something and not telling us.

    Can twitter make a big change?

  10. Sire says:

    I’ve always said that Google was hypocritical, but the problem is it’s their money and they make the rules. We either choose to follow them or not, and if not then we suffer the consequences.

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