Want to become an SEO Chick?

We are currently in the process of redesigning and developing the SEO-Chicks blog, it’s starting to really shape up and we are all very excited (teaser: The new Logo includes me in a viking helmet, Anita in a gypsy scarf and Julie with a southern belle umrbella…hmm yeah I know that was probably scary rather than enticing). The new blog design will have more functionality more information about all the bloggers and of course look fabulous.

As well as getting a great new design we are also shaking up the blogging, that’s right, you will be hearing alot more from us. A few of the chicklets and chicks have decided to concentrate on other activities and won’t have time to blog more frequently so will unfortuantely be leaving us (Lauren and Stephanie you will be missed!) But as a dooor closes another one opens, SO we have decided to recruit some NEW SEO Chicks bloggers.

This is the chance for YOU to become an SEO Chick, we are recruiting 2 new bloggers!

You must be female (unfortunatley boys a wig won’t cut it)
Be willing to blog a minimum of twice a month
Work within either: SEO, PPC, Social Media or Web development
And most importantly LOVE blogging and all things web!

We also want YOU, our readers to help us choose which bloggers are “cutting the mustard” (as we say in the UK). If you were in SEO 3 years ago (nearly to the date) you might remember the way SEOmoz recruited our very own SEO Chick Jane Copland? So we thought we would do a similar recruiting process (hope you don’t mind Rand). So by sending us a blogpost you have written (must be original) you can become one of the new SEO Chicks!! So here’s what to do:

- Write a blogpost
- Email it to seochicks[at]googlemail.com

The SEO Chicks will then pick 5 finalists for all of our readers to vote for, and of the 5 finalists 2 WILL become the brand spanking new SEO Chicks! The entries will be published ANONYMOUSLY and we would prefer it if you didn’t reveal to anyone which entry is yours if you enter. The deadline for all entries is Friday 25th September.

So what are you waiting for, get writing!!

UPDATE: We have extended the deadline to Sunday 4th October if you still want to enter?!! Mainly due to me having been away and not had time to read and share the entries with the other SEO Chicks :) So if you haven’t entered yet, get cracking!

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13 Responses to “Want to become an SEO Chick?”

  1. Government says:

    Sex based discrimination is against la law!

  2. Sam says:

    How about a wig and I shave my legs? :0)

    Good luck to all those entering, great idea.

  3. rishil says:

    Hello, We have gone through your requirement.
    I think we want to be in SEOChick partner. How I apply? I do good seo and article submission and get keyword good link on comment on relevant blog. We have much more experience in this type of project. I have seen your requirement and i will complete this project with in given days because this project is in my interest.

    I also qualified google SEO and get many pr 56 links.
    Looking forward to response kindly.

    with warmth and regards
    yours Rishi

  4. Lisa Myers says:

    @government: Yes that’s the EMPLOYMENT law, but we are not employing anyone. SEO-Chicks is not a profit organisation, bloggers do not get paid.

    @Rishi; Yes Rishi we would love to partner with you ;p Now stop filling the comments with rubbish…

    @Sam, well the guys at B2B Marketing still think you are a girl, Samantha Murray :)

  5. Will this post be open in a year? I think by then I could legally be a woman…

    The new logo sounds extremely eroti- I mean… No I did mean erotic. Good luck with the search, the only question surely is has anyone got he moxie to join the team?

  6. @ ‘Government’ ,

    I think you will find that is most incorrect – I’m not sure which Minister you’re working for but I suspect you’re a Clarke-ite. I specifically passed new legislation earlier this year allowing positive discrimination for Women.

    This legislation is especially relevant where there is a panel made up almost entirely of men…. oh sh@5…

  7. Can I submit a blog post I’ve written before? It’s my own post anyway.


  8. Lisa Myers says:

    @Harriet Harman Thanks for pointing this out :) Much appreciated.

    Just to clarify to anyone that hasn’t read SEO Chicks before, that we are not excluding men reading SEO Chicks (in fact most of our readers are men). But the bloggers are all made up out of women; the whole point of SEO Chicks is promoting women in SEO (as it’s still a big minority) and before any guys gets their boxers in a twist saying there is no need for this in the SEO industry as women are promoted and treated equally I say: “bullshit”. If you think that having only female bloggers is sexist how about:

    - being referred to as a bimbo by a big search personality
    - Being asked “yeah ok all the guys in this room wants to sleep with you BUT do you actually know anything about SEO”
    - always getting the “social media” or “keyword research” panels at conferences even though technical SEO is my strength (and guys with less experience and knowledge gets on the technical panels instead)

    how’s that for sexist?

  9. Lisa Myers says:

    @romzkeepomski You can but we would prefer that you write an original blogpost that hasn’t been posted anywhere else before. Looking forward to read your entry :)

  10. Ok I feel bad for my non – serious comment earler…


    That’s pretty bad, it seems at some conferences that whoever talks the loudest gets the seat…

    However, maybe it’s time to start a female led conference – an SEO Chick led conference (if everyone has time on top of work!) and get speakers with experience on the bench.

  11. Julie Joyce says:

    Any potential SEO Chick should obviously be ready for hiding out in pub toilets with us while we take pictures.

    Lisa, sorry I called you a bimbo. Oh wait, were you not referring to me? Crap.

  12. Hello girls,
    I can see that you are very awesome girls on the blogging world, despite boys can’t join. I wish success for you! (I know a girl who can join you)

  13. juliemarg says:

    I can’t believe I missed the contest period – will you make an exception and let me join?

    I’m a chick who does SEO from California. I specialize in local search for small businesses. I’m a whiz on Google Maps and Facebook Fan Pages.


    If you pick me I’ll do some exclusive video interviews for SEO Chicks at BlogWorld Expo in Vegas next month.

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