SEO Chicks Competition – Let the Voting Commence!

Wow! We really didn’t imagine getting such fantastic response to the SEO Chicks blogging competition. We even had to extend the deadline as people kept on writing in asking if it was too late to enter. Myself, Julie and Judith have been going back and forth trying to whittle it down to 5 blogposts, in fact we decided to publish 6 as we just couldn’t whittle it down any more. So a big THANK YOU to everyone that has entered, and to those that were not successful on this occassion. Don’t give up, it was NO bad blogposts entered, it was really difficult choosing.

So with further ado, please find below links to each blogpost that has been published, we encourage you also to make any comments to each blogpost. Here’s the top 6 entries:

Entry #1 – Being Anonymous
Entry #2 – Diplomacy – the hidden quality of a successful
Entry #3 – PPC decline, AdWords & SEO: Where is online marketing headed?
Entry #4 – 15 Must-Follow Tips for Live Tweeting Conferences
Entry #5 – What Small Businesses Need From Search Marketers
Entry #6 – The End Of The “So What Is It That You Actually Do?” Question

Now that you have read them all, please vote for YOUR favourite: EDIT: THE VOTING IS NOW CLOSED!! THE FOLLOWING IS A SCREENGRAB OF THE FINAL VOTES!


Two of these taltented bloggers WILL become the new SEO Chicks, the winners will be anounced on Friday 9th October, the official launch date for the NEW SEO-Chicks website.

As well as becoming the new SEO Chicks, the winners will receive a SEO-Chicks t-shirt each AND get interviewed on Searchcowboys to be published next week!

In advance thank you for voting and taking part in the judging!

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3 Responses to “SEO Chicks Competition – Let the Voting Commence!”

  1. Anita says:

    Shucks, I voted for one of the entries and then wanted to vote for another (seeing I really couldn’t decide between the two…), but yes YOU CAN’T VOTE TWICE – humph…

  2. Lisa Myers says:

    them’s the breaks. Unfortunately can’t vote for more than 1…

    But feel free to leave comments on the two you like the best as comments will count for’s like a “no follow” link ;) lol

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