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SES London 2014 – Day 1 Takeaway: 52 Stats, tips and quotes from #seslon

ShareTweet   I’mma keep this to the point… Keynote – Bruce Daisley of Twitter: Running In Real Time: Bringing Campaigns to Life by Marketing in the Moment Superbowl 2013 – 25 million tweets yet Oreo managed to be timely, current and humorous and stand out with “you can still dunk in the dark”. 80% of Twitter usage is on mobile – 70% of which at home 25% audience purchased via twitter, 50% use twitter to give them latest news, personalised news 15.2 million tweets on the #grammys hashtag •#pharrellsHat was a talking point Mobile click stream analysis – 94% of twitter users shop on mobiles, 56% of twitter users are influenced in what they purchase by what they see on [...]

Technical SEO Best-Practise: Slides from The Digital Marketing Show

ShareTweet Last week myself and my UK-based fellow SEO Chicks spoke at the Digital Marketing Show at Londons’ Excel. Our panel discussion was on Technical SEO, with each of us leading a few slides on one main topic; detailing the best-practise concerns and of course, the most common mistakes. Here are the slides from the day and our twitter handles precede each section so feel free to tweet us if you have any technical questions.

Musings on the Bottom Half of the Internet

ShareTweet “Never read the bottom half of the internet, that’s where the bad things live.” It’s mantra repeated by many. I’m referring of course to the comments, which as ‘bottom half’ indicates are situated a long old scroll down the page at the bottom of a post or article.

Ins and Outs of Running an Independent SEO Conference or Meet-up

ShareTweet If there’s one thing I love about this industry it’s that we are not backwards in coming forwards. Whilst there are a number of fantastic conferences run by larger organisations, dedicated event and publisher groups there is no shortage of people that are creating, organising and growing independent or not-for-profit conferences within this sector. I wanted to find out about the challenges these (often volunteer) conference organisers face and if the benefits to them or their business match the time and effort put in. I asked the following group of indy conference and event organisers for their thoughts on the same topics: Dan Harrison, who runs SotonDigital Sam Noble, who runs Digital Females Gus Ferguson who runs OMN Jo Turnbull who [...]

Welcome Hannah Smith aka Hannah Bo Banna!

ShareTweet The SEO Chicks have big plans of expanding and actually regularly blogging in 2012 (yay) and have already welcommed Annabel Hodges to our team. After racking our brains for…well 2 seconds really (we knew who we wanted to approach really)..we decided to approach the querky, clever and generally awesome Hannah Smith to join our blogging team, and she said YES… I would officially like to welcome Hannah to the SEO Chicks team. We are so excited to have you on board! Follow Hannah Bo Banna on twitter. That’s an order. ps: I challenge anyone to find a different picture of Hannah anywhere on the internet…..I tried, there is NO other…Are you camera shy Hannah? Just you wait, embaressing photos [...]

Welcome to the team; Annabel Hodges

ShareTweet I’m so excited to welcome the wonderful Annabel Hodges aka Search Panda to the SEO-Chicks blogging crew. We’ve been eyeing her up for ages thinking she is probably crazy enough to become one of the SEO Chicks, and turns out she is. Yay! We asked Annabel a few questions before “hiring” her into the crew of course, some very qualifying, difficult and important questions: 1. How did you get into SEO? I was a translator back in the day and getting very very bored of it. I started trying to learn a little more about search and analytics in my spare time as my housemate got me interested in it and I got hooked. I then got a job [...]