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Interview Alert! It’s Wordstream’s Elisa Gabbert!

ShareTweet Elisa Gabbert is the content manager at WordStream, where she runs the WordStream Internet Marketing Blog and helps market the company’s AdWords software, PPC management services and keyword research tools. She also writes poetry and perfume criticism. She currently lives in Denver. You can follow her on Twitter at @egabbert (but expect tasteless jokes and bad puns).   1. Can you give us a summary of your SEO experience thus far? What is your current niche? I got into the SEO industry about five years ago, sort of by accident – I was working as an editorial assistant on a website at a big media company. Their model was to run a bunch of highly targeted websites (each aimed [...]

4 Years of Utter Girly Nonsense

ShareTweet Hi there, it’s me…Julie, the one who used to be prolific here but is no longer due to maddening amounts of chaos in my life that now includes a killer bloodhound, a flock of 6 hens, and a fledgling attic squirrel population. However, considering it’s this site that brought a lot of the aforementioned chaos (ie blogging opportunities and proper business) I should take it a bit more seriously, especially as I’m vacationing with the Viking and her family in August and France is the perfect spot for her to beat my ass, because we’ll all be consuming loads of Camembert and local wine. Oh, and omelettes, because that’s listed as the main vegetarian option in Normandy. Yay. Anyway, [...]

What’s new in Local Search and Mobile – SMX London

ShareTweet As many as 30% of all search queries have local intent, and the Google Places platform now operates in over 100 countries. According to IDC, more smartphones will be sold this year than computers which is astonishing and makes you realise just how entwined local and mobile search will become. The session mainly dealt with devlopments in local search, some “must do’s” when optimsing a places acocunt, alternative ways to track Google Places and mobile apps. Just a heads up, webmaster radio tonight have a show, airing from 7pm, which features Local David Mihm, Martijn Beijk and Lisa Myers Don’t worry if you missed the the show, it will be up on State of Search tomorrow You can also [...]

Keyword Research Ninjas Tactics – SMX London 2011

ShareTweet Keyword research tools are powerful and plentiful and your competitors are using them for the same reasons as you are. This session explores keyword research “outside of the box”, mining unique or unusual sources of data for insights and opportunities that others overlook. Richard Baxter The problem with keyword research data is it’s a bit of a jumble, anyone can make a list, but how do you make it actionable for SEO? How do you get from a dataset to IA? If you can find a way to group and segment, and take away noise you can learn about priorities. By breaking down the following search query you can identify segments and groups within the phrase. Buy used audi [...]

SEO Chicks is 4 years – Dude looks like a lady!

ShareTweet Can you believe is 4 years at the end of May? We launched officially at the very first SMX Advanced in Seattle on June 2nd 2007, myself and Julie pranced around Seattle wearing our SEO-Chicks t-shirt proudly, with no perception or plan of what we were going to do next. All we wanted to do was have our “own place” where we could chat about search and it grew from there. As we launched the blog at SMX Advanced we thought it would be appropriate for SMX to be the place where we announce our very first EVER male blogger on SEO Chicks. And the “honour” of being the first male SEO Chicks blogger goes to: Sam Murray. [...]

SES London 2011 | Killer Facebook Marketing

ShareTweet Moderated by Lisa Buyer, we have Massimo Burgio and Liana (Li) Evans Li is up first to talk mainly about organic marketing and also some FB ad tips. First thing to remember is that FB is difficult to work with unless you’re already connected to something – it is not a search engine. Most important thing is to know if your audience is there. Is the audience lurking but not engaging? If so then perhaps FB ads are more appropriate. Stickiness – games are great for this, and can be addicting. Twitter – 200MM accounts only 20% are active, whereas FB has 500MM active accounts. Contests can engage people e.g. SES Conf fan page, marketing tip of the week, [...]