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SES London 2011 – Content Marketing Optimisation

ShareTweet Solo Presentation by Lee Odden of TopRank Marketing It is a PACKED hot room for Mr. Odden who is taking pictures of us all so we can go and tag ourselves daft on their Facebook page. Lee asks “What is the big lie about content?” – oh yeah it’s the “build it they will come” stuff. If you have great content… set it free! 92% of US internet users use search to find information to help inform purchase descisions (according to Ketchum study). Search is becomming a lot more social (innit.) 85% of marketers consider content marketing as extremely important, however only 50% have a content strategy. Most Popular Types of Content social articles events eNewsletters blogs Lee asks [...]

SES London 2011 – How to Become A Link Magnet

ShareTweet Moderator – Gillian Muessig Speaker – Dixon Jones Speaker – Judith Lewis Speaker – Ken McGaffin Looks like Gillian is MIA so Judith is warming up the crowd with some @greenandblacks good stuff. Judith Lewis – Beyond fills in, to intro for Dixon. Hands over to Dixon. Dixon Jones – MajeticSEO We’re looking at what defines success; correlatrions between links and traffic. 1st Case Study: Dating site, pretty common, competetive, not particulalry newsworthy. Aim was to create a storm by kicking out all the fat member (7000) of the site, which worked extremely well as linkbait and in terms of articles.

SES London 2011 – Meaningful SEO Metrics

ShareTweet Meaningful SEO Metrics – Going Beyond the Numbers Moderator – Brian Clifton Speaker – Matthew Bailey Speaker – Peter Young Brian Clifton introduces the concept of web analytics by saying that for many it can be off-putting, however Brian defines it as “measuring the user experience” in order to improve it. Two types of tools – on and off-site analytics. On – what happens when a visitor comes, what do they do, how do they engage? To a large extent it is site-determined, and within our control. Off-site – less within our control, e.g. search rankings or 3rd party mention. The challenge for the web analytics industry is “how do we bring these together?” Brian hands over to our [...]

The Post that Made Me

ShareTweet Over the years I’ve worked in print advertising in the electronics industry, online corporate communications, public relations and at Yahoo! (one of the largest, NASDAQ listed web giants.) In every sector, field and discipline I’ve ever worked in there’s always been a clear set of rules; sometimes formal qualifications and legal or legislative frameworks in which to operate. SEO is a very different space however. In this I mean different to most other career paths. Sure there are internal processes and procedures, but this is an unregulated industry in its’ relative infancy, which has evolved from the success of the product of other commercial organisations (namely the search engines.) As a result of this, there are two commonly discussed [...]

Top 10 Favourite WordPress Plugins by a Pregnant Chick

ShareTweet It’s embaressing how long it has been since I posted on SEO-Chicks, it’s months, agh…I have kind of got an excuse, being 8 months pregnant at the moment, but then again the baby is not growing in my head is it. Although sometimes it feels like it, when I find my keys in the fridge, throw the rubbish in the sink and the plate in the rubbish, or forget what I was talking about half way through a new business pitch. Apparently it’s the hormones affecting your brain, great thanks, like looking like a waddling hippo isn’t bad enough my brain is the size of a shrimp. But as the guilt of not writing anything has finally taken hold [...]

Internationalisation is Not Just Translation

ShareTweet Hello, my name is Judith Lewis and I am a searchoholic.  I live and breathe search and have done for pretty much over a decade.  It has become who and what I am more than any other aspect of myself.  It is easy to become a searchaholic in this industry with its own language, secret codes and instant gratification.  What we sometimes forget is that the world does not live and breathe search, a fact I was reminded of in the Pan European Search Strategies session at SAScon. During a break between speakers, one of the attendees thanked the speakers for helping him to understand that he needed to target the Netherlands and Belgium differently.  While this seemed quite [...]