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Social Media World Forum: Social Gaming Panel

ShareTweet And the award for “Best in Show” goes to the social gaming panel. Day 2. I had this session double starred in my program from the get-go. Social gaming is an exploding market and contrary to popular perception, it’s not all about kids and teenage boys. This sector has serious ‘momfactor’. In a nutshell, audience, scale and enourmous commercial opportunities for brand. Our panel of experts we’re moderated by Michael Caselli founder of Lyceum publishing and a prominent figure in the online gaming sphere. I’d seen Michael in action at the recent London Affiliate Conference and it was clear he knew his panel and his subject matter. We weren’t disappointed at Social Media World Forum, as the panel were [...]

#SMWF – Morning Roundup

ShareTweet Session 1. Katy Howell – MD, immediatefuture. Katy was a last minute addition to the agenda and rocked the stage. Great speaker, no BS, no jargon and lots of real “from the front-line” experiences to share. We’re at a time of Shifting sands. Hidden costs.One client lost their Flickr page mid-campaign. Be warned that there are some drawbacks, hidden costs, content risk (who owns the data). Popular platforms are looking at charge models. 52% of people on soaicl networks have more than one sn. Influence should not be a replacement for audience. There is no cost per influence.There are different types of influencers. Authoratative, popular and collaborative influencers. Another problem – brands shout all the time. How do you [...]

Social Media World Forum – Main Conference

ShareTweet With the noted exception of SES London 2010, (power points, tables and vaguely passable WiFi) every conference is the same. No power and no wireless. I’m sitting next to Kristofer Bjorkman, Founder of mynewsdesk. Kristopher managed to get onto the wireless early and he’s showing me the “Tweets of rage” prompted by the wireless #fail. Guy Clapperton, (@guyclapperton) Chairman is now on stage for the intro. He’s talkin about working in ’89 and using a modem for bulletin board updates as the precursor to social media.In terms of history of participation, public meetings, letter pages, radio phone-ins can also be seen as a limited precursor to social media. I think this is quite a journalistic point of view. Sure, [...]

SES London PANEL: Social Media & the Marketing Mix

ShareTweet Moderated by Mel Carson, this panel of presenters and social media marketers will be taking us through their approach to integrating social media. Panelists are Bas van den Beld of NetTraject and, Crispin Sheridan of SAP Marketing, Marco Cosaro Amadeo Guffanti of 77 Agency Ltd and Anders Hjorth of Outrider. Lisa’s lunch is still on the press table just next to me; and it’s actually looking better now than it did three hours ago. I’m trying not to look at it. Hope Mel starts soon. And we’re off… The room is looking a little sparsely populated, which is a shame as this morning’s session was packed. Mel sets the scene by talking about how marketing strategies incorporate more [...]

SES London KEYNOTE:SEO Where to Next?

ShareTweet #SESKey I must admit, some of the sessions thus far have been a little bit “SEO-lite”. Knowing (some of) this next bunch, we should get some great insight and direction. I’ve put out a rallying tweet for some mobile questions, I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about Universal and Personalised search without prompt. Moderator: Dixon Jones, Receptional LTD. Panellists: Lisa Myers, Verve Search & SEO Chicks. Maile Ohye, Google. Dan Cohen, MSN and Julian Shambles, Telegraph. (The panel all have head-set mics, which from the front row, looks a bit ‘Steps’.) Dixon starts with an intro, and a reminder of the hashtag – so that we can tweet questions to him for the panel (so I have)…(mobile)… (since y’asked).

SES London: Social Media 101, Lisa Myers

ShareTweet Yeah! That’s right Y’all. Our very own SEO Chick Lisa Myers is making this morning’s social keynote. Microsoft’s Mel Carson: Advertising Community Manager is our MC. Mel sets us up for the session by explaining they like to think of social media not just as platform, but as marketing tool. It’s important to remember it’s not all just about Twitter and Facebook, but about finding your audience and where they hang out. Apparently 21% of FB traffic comes from IM. So shared content, is the pull and such stats act as carrot to businesses who often jump in, looking for an instant win. It takes dedication, committment for reward. Get the basics right! Lisa starts by stressing this is [...]