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When It Pays To Turn Down Business

ShareTweet Woohoooooooo! My first post for SEO Chicks and I am bricking it seriously excited and honestly a bit surprised. Not only am I not (by my own standards) a true SEO expert; but I never win anything. Actually that’s not entirely true. I did once, aged 7, win an ICI health and safety competition for best poster. Mine alerted the general public to the very real and grossly under-estimated risks of overloading an electrical socket with too many appliances. It carried the immortal caption “Leads to danger”.  (Check out that polyseme! You are NEVER too young for semantics.)  In retrospect it was clear that that Little-Miss-Sunshine-with-a-mullet was never going to be a vet. So… I’m not an SEO expert [...]

I hate to admit it, but I think I LOVE the New Google Analytics

ShareTweet   Normally, I like to spend sometime using a new product before coming to a decision about it, but I couldn’t wait on this one. At the web metrics conference today in Washington D.C (which I am not at since occasionally even I have to do work) Avinash Kaushnik announced the new Google Analytics Beta. Over the last 12 hours I have seen new features start to appear in the variety of analytics account that I work with, and I have to say, it is pretty amazing and I only have about 20% of the new additions. Disclaimer: Yes, I know Google having all of our information is a terrible thing and could easily lead to a Skynet and [...]

SEO University: Should Academia Be Our Standard?

ShareTweet Recently, the SEO industry debated whether or not we need standards as part of our profession’s requirements. You may have heard about it. I made a bored face. It does not seem viable that any real restrictions could be put on an online industry like this, but I wonder about the pros and cons of introducing SEO as an academic field in which one can earn a college degree. Let’s look at these advantages and disadvantages: Advantages Official training. This is a given within accredited colleges and accounts for everything from my degree in English (I am officially licensed to write good and do other stuff good too) to the certifications given to surgeons. Certified instructors. With university courses [...]

Lucky 7 Conference Tips

ShareTweet A few weeks back, I spoke at a small conference in Las Vegas for the Forex market called the Forex Affiliate Conference, which is run by the guys from the Casino Affiliate Conference. It was the smallest conference I ever spoke at (about 20 people) but it ended up being one of the most productive. I made some really great connections and was able to target my presentation to what information would be most useful for the attendees. From speaking there, I came up with some conference tips that are appropriate for any upcoming event you may be attending. Lucky 7 Conference Tips 1. Reserve judgment for the end. Just because a conference has 5,000 attendees doesn’t mean that you [...]

The formal Business Article

ShareTweet When I joined, Lisa announced that new SEO chick Judith Lewis was joining and yadda yadda yadda but I started out talking all business and not much fun SEO – and here I go again! One of the areas I often write about is the connection between paid and natural search and how both are an important part of your online strategy. This importance stems not only from the point of view of controlling real estate on the page, but the reinforcement within the searchers mind of your brand. Organic search results and paid search results are mixed in on the search results page (commonly referred to as the SERP) to varying degrees depending on the engine. The human [...]

Stop Wasting Money! 10 Ways Not to be a Dumbass

I decided to put a list together of 10 ways you or your client may be wasting money they could be paying you.