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Some Online Strategies About To Be A Criminal Offence

ShareTweet In the recesses of my dark grey past, I did engage in some shady techniques that would have gotten me arrested had this new law existed back then.  In my defence it wouldn’t have been just me that would have been sent to the dock – Sony, Wal-Mart, McDonalds and others would have been criminals had new legislation been in force back then. What new law would have made me a criminal had I not seen the light and become a white hat (honest!  pure as driven snow)?  “Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008”  This interesting law comes in to force on May 28th 2008 and within the UK stands to criminalise some regrettably common practices. Yes, I [...]

So, when was the last time you took care of Number 1?

ShareTweet No – this isn’t such a weird question, and NO I didn’t allude to anyone’s bowel movements either… I did however, say NUMBER 1! If you still have to wonder “But what does she mean?“, then you’ve just answered my question silently. The truth is that most people in business – their own or someone else’s – hardly ever take time for themselves, or time off. As women in business, we are jointly even more guilty of forgetting the ‘Golden Rule’. The result? An ever more stressed out society and and a depleted spirit. The statistics about the damage stress can do are many and all-encompassing, so I won’t launch into that part of the topic. But what I [...]

Why You Should Underpromise and Overperform

ShareTweet Hey there. I’m not sure if you know who I am, but my name is Rebecca Kelley, and I was an SEO Chick (here’s where you all drone back, “Hi, Rebecca,” as if I’m in rehab). When Lisa asked me if I wanted to become one way back in June of last year, and I thought, “Yeah, that’d be cool. Girl power, and all that good stuff!” I promised to fulfill my SEO Chick duties to the best of my abilities. Those duties pretty much only consisted of blogging, but hey, I can do that, right? No problem. I wrote a post, and time passed. And passed. And passed. Lisa would casually email me every so often and politely [...]

Drink For Charity!

ShareTweet Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Drink For Charity: 1. Drinking is fun, and since it is for charity, it is more than a networking opportunity, it is a write-off. 2.Chance to see your favorite male SEO’s wear women’s clothing    3. You actually get to help choose what charity gets the money – SO VOTE NOW AND VOTE OFTEN 4. This event is OPEN TO ANYONE! You don’t need to be a rockstar or spend $1M with Google to get an invite. 5. Where else are you going to drink as much as you can for only $40 in NYC? 6. You get to hang out with me ( Okay so I can’t count) Actual Details IM-NY is [...]

How to Build a Bad Ass Brand in 5 Easy Steps

ShareTweet Firstly, let me say, I’m excited to be here with a group of such talented women. Secondly, the the two sentence intro on me is that I’ve been doing SEO, ppc and analytics in the forex industry and for myself at lvlogic for a little over 3 years. I can often be found hanging out at the bar with several of the guys from IM-NY talking shop over a ketel one on the rocks or a nice glass of wine. The bar is also where I met Lisa (running theme possibly) and after several drinks, a few games of craps and some tequila and eggs, she asked me to be a chicklet. So, here is everything you ever wanted [...]

Meatballs, Sundaes, Social Marketing… and Seth?

ShareTweet Yep, just because I’m feeling a bit controversial today (yes that IS one hormonal privilege extended almost exclusively to us – the fairer sex), I’ve decided to pose a discussion question. Actually, my other reason is because the initial answer to the question is by none other than Mr Godin… so you see I just couldn’t resist. The Question: “Social Networking sites are incredibly popular – what are the benefits of this new medium, and is it set to continue to rise in popularity?” The Answer: “Social Networks – if you try to glue a brand on top of a social network, you get a meatball sundae. Once again, the networks make it easiest for those who actually have [...]