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How to Build Your Prospective Customers’ Profiles – Excellent Marketing Technique.

ShareTweet I am a dedicated online marketer, but I am originally from a traditional – offline marketing background. I suspect there are a lot of other people like me that have fallen head-over-heels in love with the flexibility and instant gratification ‘online’ provides… That said – I will never stop giving credit to offline marketing techniques and the wisdom traditional marketing has to offer. Frankly – if you want to be anything in marketing – the building blocks are what you should focus on before you choose your ‘forte’. So, it will come as no surprise when I draw yet another online to offline correlation with this post ) There is a very effective and not so well known technique [...]

When was the last time you cleaned your ‘house’?

ShareTweet … uhmm I mean mind? No, I haven’t hit my head on a sharp object and lost all speaking sense – on the contrary – I feel I have discovered something, so I thought I’d share ) I am a chronic thinker by nature. I think while cooking (stop sniggering-I DO cook). I think while browsing the net. I think while in the shower, bath tub, while exercising, working…..aaaaggghhh! I even think while I’m thinking. I know I’m not alone in this – most people do it. And what’s worse, most people don’t realise that they do! All the time. Some think this is the way it’s supposed to be, and if your mind is not busy conceptualising some [...]

If you don’t do perfect – do interesting!

ShareTweet OK, so it’s another one of those days, when you get to read my post about marketing… hey – it don’t happen often so I guess you could handle it. Anyway, as I was leafing (virtually) through my feeds today, I came across another very short, and very subtle, but as usual, very profound post by marketing know-all Seth. It is an unusually long post for him, although in my books, he hasn’t even done an intro… Mr Godin makes a brilliant point – that consumers are so focused on seeing how and where businesses fail (due to their raised awareness and expectations), that they would not spot a ‘perfect’ service or a business if it walked up to [...]

You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Post Is About You

ShareTweet Another day, another stupidly funny blog post title. So I like to think… “Every author, however modest, keeps a most outrageous vanity chained like a madman in the padded cell of his breast.” Logan Pearsall Smith Since we’ve recently welcomed the highly talented Stephanie Weingart to our blog, I thought I’d tackle an issue that arose when she baited me, quite successfully, into an interview. It’s that horrible example of one of the Seven Deadly Sins…vanity. Well, vanity is the example of Pride, which is a…damn nation, you know what I mean here. This is a piece about vanity and I don’t mean the girl that Prince hung out with either. Oh, and it’s about SEO of course. “We [...]

Vegas – the Perfect Customer Service?

ShareTweet Well, since we’ve covered Vegas in almost every imaginable light already, I thought that I have to do it justice from a pure marketing point of view too. Yes, it is a great place to network, and an even better place to party. But what most people wouldn’t notice about Vegas (or at least wouldn’t think twice about), is the remarkable customer service. OK, I feel I have to slip in a little disclaimer here as my post will be a little biased towards the good rather than the bad experiences. Please humor me and refrain from remembering any painful customer service experiences in an off the strip hotel bar and so on… So, if like me, you enjoy [...]

Imitate & Flatter – Copy & Infuriate

ShareTweet Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery but copying your competitors entire site isn’t.  It may seem like they have what you need to rank well but rankings aren’t just about on page content anymore. Spying on the competition is easy with a plethora of free tools at our disposal.  While this will not help page rankings directly, it could help conversions when the best landing pages are selected for imitation.  The purpose in examining the competition is not to copy them exactly but to use the varied approaches they use as a launching point from where you can build your own site’s identity.  Imitating as well as innovating and building on that imitation to create something unique is key.  [...]