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Welcome to the SEO Chicks; Bridget Randolph

ShareTweet I would like to welcome Bridget Randolph to the SEO Chicks blogging team. Bridget is originally from a small town in Virginia (US) but went to the UK to study (at Oxford none the less, clever cookie). Once she graduated she didn’t want to leave so she pursued a job in the UK, she is now working as a SEO analyst at Distilled UK and loves it. I first met Bridget a few months ago and realised what a smart chick she is, so when she asked if she could do a guest post on SEO Chicks about the much debated book “Lean in”, I said “heck yeah”. Once I read the blogpost I realised she is right up the [...]

Welcome to the team; Annabel Hodges

ShareTweet I’m so excited to welcome the wonderful Annabel Hodges aka Search Panda to the SEO-Chicks blogging crew. We’ve been eyeing her up for ages thinking she is probably crazy enough to become one of the SEO Chicks, and turns out she is. Yay! We asked Annabel a few questions before “hiring” her into the crew of course, some very qualifying, difficult and important questions: 1. How did you get into SEO? I was a translator back in the day and getting very very bored of it. I started trying to learn a little more about search and analytics in my spare time as my housemate got me interested in it and I got hooked. I then got a job [...]

Interview Alert! It’s Wordstream’s Elisa Gabbert!

ShareTweet Elisa Gabbert is the content manager at WordStream, where she runs the WordStream Internet Marketing Blog and helps market the company’s AdWords software, PPC management services and keyword research tools. She also writes poetry and perfume criticism. She currently lives in Denver. You can follow her on Twitter at @egabbert (but expect tasteless jokes and bad puns).   1. Can you give us a summary of your SEO experience thus far? What is your current niche? I got into the SEO industry about five years ago, sort of by accident – I was working as an editorial assistant on a website at a big media company. Their model was to run a bunch of highly targeted websites (each aimed [...]

4 Years of Utter Girly Nonsense

ShareTweet Hi there, it’s me…Julie, the one who used to be prolific here but is no longer due to maddening amounts of chaos in my life that now includes a killer bloodhound, a flock of 6 hens, and a fledgling attic squirrel population. However, considering it’s this site that brought a lot of the aforementioned chaos (ie blogging opportunities and proper business) I should take it a bit more seriously, especially as I’m vacationing with the Viking and her family in August and France is the perfect spot for her to beat my ass, because we’ll all be consuming loads of Camembert and local wine. Oh, and omelettes, because that’s listed as the main vegetarian option in Normandy. Yay. Anyway, [...]

WIN a ticket to SMX London AND IIS 2011

ShareTweet As the SEO-Chicks are blogging partners of SMX London we have bagged ourselves ONE FULL CONFERENCE pass to SMX London next week, but not only that, the ticket would also give you full access to the fabulous partner conference the day after: International Search Summit. In addition the winner will also get to post a blogpost of his/hers experience as the conference on the SEO Chicks blog (along with a link to their blog and/or twitter profile). How YOU can WIN? We have given away tickets in the past where people winning the ticket only went to one day of the conference, so THIS time we want to give the ticket to someone that really really wants it and [...]

And the winner of #SEScrapmas is…..

ShareTweet The lovely Joanna Butler with her ridiculously crappy clothes pegs! In fact Joanna won hands down on the votes, pretty much 90% of you agreed that clothes pegs is a pretty crap Christmas present. So Joanna you are the winner of the #SEScrapmas competition and you will recieve a full conference pass to SES London 2011, whoop whoop! Ultimate Crappy Xmas gift – “the clothes pegs” On a different note, it was pretty funny how many comments and tweets we had objecting to the “Search Tower” lego set being a crap gift, aww all the lego fans (including my hubby). Lastly, thank you to everyone that tweeted, facebooked and voted. Until next year…