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Win SES London tickets with your Christmas Crap

ShareTweet SES London is just around the corner (22-24th February), and as official, associated sponsors; the SEO Chicks have a little Christmas love for you. And no greater love can an SEO have to give, than a free conference pass to one of the hottest search events of the year. Yeah,.. that’s right. I said “hottest” and “search event” together, (and that’s before we get to the party that Nichola Stott and Joanna Butler are organising – supported by SES. More to follow on party details later) Now; we Chicks don’t just give our goodies away. Oh-no! You have to work for them.  So we thought it would be great to put on a little festive competition to give YOU [...]

Taking the Masks off – Revealing the Identities

ShareTweet The new SEO-Chicks have been revealed and they are already planning their first official blogposts. But as we revealed the identities of our winners we have also received allot of questions from readers about the identies of the other finalist in the blogging competition. So, with their permission, here’s the identities of the other 4 brilliant entries from the blogging competition: Entry #2 – Diplomacy – the hidden quality of a successful Author: Natalie Sandifer Title: Website Optimiser for Equi=Media. About: Natalie have been working within website optimisation for two years, she lives in Swindon, but is originally from Newbury in Berkshire. She lives with her husband and three pet lizards (It seems Sarah isn’t the only one keeping [...]

The “7 Things” Meme – Jane Copland

ShareTweet Update: I do actually have a blog now: While this would have been a neat post to kick off my new domain (which currently boasts no content. At all), I must admit to not wanting a personal blog. In the traditional sense of the name, a personal blog tends to be a vanity domain of some sort (check) that a writer uses to document his or her life. Twitter without the weight limit. I like the professional-personal blog style a lot better. Bloggers taking this approach don’t write about what they cooked for dinner or whether their heating bill went up last month. People like Dean Chew and Kate Morris, who tagged me in this “7 things” series, [...]

Ladies – Get to Work! At a New Job Maybe…

ShareTweet I’m speaking at the free conference W-Tech about Managing your Online Profile. I do hope you’ll come for the evening networking if not the day of talks as well.  Not only are tons of businesses hiring, i-level is hiring too (including jobs not listed on the site) and I’ll be happy to let you know about the company and what jobs we have on offer.  Since this is a day about work and jobs for women, it got me thinking about my personal experiences of discrimination within IT as a woman and what I’ve done to overcome them. One thing I’ve had to overcome is the sense that I need to have mastered all skills required for a job [...]

Will the REAL SEO Chicks please stand up!

ShareTweet Ok,so I was going to leave it, not going to get all het up about it. But nah….I’m a Viking, my brain explodes if I don’t say what I think. SEO Chicks has been going now since June 2007, ok so 1 ½ years isn’t THAt long, but in the blogging world we could have already come and gone. SEO Chicks has done really well (or so we like to think), the bloggers we now have on board are fantastic. Our reputation has grown and our goal has been achieved, yep we are chicks and we know search ;p When I first looked for domains for the blog I was quite set on wanting to call it “SEO Chicks”, [...]

Things That Will, And Things That Will Not, Change

ShareTweet I want to refer back to a post Julie wrote a couple of months ago about writing in SEO. I’ve struggled with this a lot recently, because sometimes it’s just torturous to come up with something new. I get to work at about eight-forty-five every morning and leave sometime before six, and I do SEO all day. Sometimes I do extra things when I get home too, but there is often just nothing noteworthy to say about it. I fix mashed up redirects. I figure out who should link to what from where. I do things that interest me, but do you really want me to write blog posts about the merits of dropping IIS servers off of cliffs? [...]