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Too Sexy for IT?

ShareTweet My friend Gene just pointed me to a very amusing (perhaps unintentionally so) piece on the push to change the perspective of typical IT workers away from unsociable geeks to vibrant and hot women. OK the author didn’t really put it like that…but still, you get the idea. The IT industry is apparently suffering from nerdy and unsociable man overkill (so is the comic book shop across the street) and is doing its best to show the employable public that IT jobs can indeed be sexy. So how can we band together and ensure that the SEO industry becomes as saturated with hot babes as the heavy metal industry is saturated with hairy, ugly men who need not wear [...]

SEO Jobs for the Girls – a deCabbit view of London SEO jobs

ShareTweet Every so often I get irritated and start looking for a job.  It’s only usually when I’m irritated or it would occur to me to use my network and check with them for a job.  However, not everyone has a network – and not everyone knows where to look or what is reasonable. I went looking recently and was surprised at the amount of variation in salaries offered.  Since I knew of a few SEOs looking for something new, I thought it would be a fun blog post.  There are lots of decent jobs out there but I’ve tried to select a good cross-section of mock-worthy and praise-worthy.  The commentary is my own and does not reflect the opinions [...]

My Amusing Gmail Adsense

ShareTweet UPDATE: It has come to my attention that this post looks rather weird if you’re viewing it through a feedreader. So don’t. Click through, I tell you! To start, I’d like a show of hands. Who uses Gmail? I hope everyone in the room has their hand up at the moment, because Gmail is one of my favourite things in all the world. It has its problems, it’s had is security flaws, but it has always treated me very well. Believe me: I’ve been around the block when it comes to email providers. I was a long-time user of Yahoo! and I was also one of Yahoo! Mail’s more loyal fans. Y! Mail just wouldn’t do all the things [...]

Ramblings of a gadget pumped SEO Chick

ShareTweet I’m sitting in a cafe, its 4th of January 2008. Working from a cafe as the wireless connection in my office is not working. A little bit of a ironic start to the new year, an interactive department without internet access lol. But I’m not complaining as it gives me time to plan, ehm well when I say plan, I mean go out and spend money. I just spent �200 ($400) on a ASUS eee PC(bargain!). It�s tiny, and sooo cute. Like a hobbit PC, the only problem is that it has hobbit keyboard as well, which means that even my tiny thin fingers seems like giant hands and i keep on feckin typing the wrong thing in. But [...]

The SEO Chicks Turn 3.5 Years Old In Dog Years!

ShareTweet OK so we’re celebrating our first 6 months of blogging with a quite lengthy (but typically fascinating) glimpse into the minds of the SEO Chicks. The photo is courtesy of my good friend Gene. He’s afraid the other girls will kill him so I am not linking to him here. It’s so hysterically bad that I had to put it up…it serves me right that I look the most idiotic, too. Anita, never again mention the Spice Girls!! Once I stop laughing I will continue being serious and professional, naturally. OK then, I’m good now. It’s our 6 month anniversary and naturally we wanted to commemorate the occasion with a post about this. We’ve all been completely thrilled by [...]

Why Am I deCabbit And What Does It Mean?

ShareTweet Today seems like a good day for a bit of silliness with almost no link to SEO at all.� As with all things in my life, there is a link to SEO anyway, despite its tenuous nature. Japanese animation, Pioneer and cabbits are inexorably linked for me.� While some may enjoy other anime (and I am a huge fan of �Bubblegum Crists�, �Ranma �� and Lodoss Wars�), I love �Tenchi Muyo�.� In this series there is a character that is small, cute and furry called �Ryo-oh-ki� .� Now, Ryo-oh-ki�s name possibly translates as �something small that has the potential to be big� which is fitting since she can change from a small cabbit to a really big spaceship. [...]