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What’s new in Local Search and Mobile – SMX London

ShareTweet As many as 30% of all search queries have local intent, and the Google Places platform now operates in over 100 countries. According to IDC, more smartphones will be sold this year than computers which is astonishing and makes you realise just how entwined local and mobile search will become. The session mainly dealt with devlopments in local search, some “must do’s” when optimsing a places acocunt, alternative ways to track Google Places and mobile apps. Just a heads up, webmaster radio tonight have a show, airing from 7pm, which features Local David Mihm, Martijn Beijk and Lisa Myers Don’t worry if you missed the the show, it will be up on State of Search tomorrow You can also [...]

SMX 2011: Social Signals & Search

ShareTweet A particular current obsession of mine and a topic on which I have about three gigs in the next month, so really hoping for some interesting thinking on this subject. Panellists are; Bas van den Beld of State of Search, Cedric Chambaz of Microsoft; Marcus Taylor of SEOptimise and Jim Yu of BrightEdge. Bas van den Beld Google are clearly seeking to define user intent which is of course a difficult thing to do. Quite often user intent and be inferred by UX data, e.g. rich snippets vs ordinary results will give richer data feedback. Don’t think that Google doesn’t “get” social – perhaps not in the network sense but later PageRank iterations incorporate “social” elements (link popularity).

Keyword Research Ninjas Tactics – SMX London 2011

ShareTweet Keyword research tools are powerful and plentiful and your competitors are using them for the same reasons as you are. This session explores keyword research “outside of the box”, mining unique or unusual sources of data for insights and opportunities that others overlook. Richard Baxter The problem with keyword research data is it’s a bit of a jumble, anyone can make a list, but how do you make it actionable for SEO? How do you get from a dataset to IA? If you can find a way to group and segment, and take away noise you can learn about priorities. By breaking down the following search query you can identify segments and groups within the phrase. Buy used audi [...]

SMX 2011 – Search Analytics and Competitive Intelligence

ShareTweet Before I begin, I would like to say thank you to all the SEO Chicks for letting me be the first ‘chick with a dick’ to post on their site. It is a huge honour and I got to dress up like a girl so everyone’s a winner. After trying on the t-shirt I must admit it looked like a boob tube on me so it’s an experience I would like to forget, especially since Nick Williams thought I looked like this butch chap when I put on the wig as well: However, I am wearing the t-shirt with pride today, even though it is underneath my ‘normal’ sized shirt. I hope you like my coverage of SMX today [...]

SEO Chicks is 4 years – Dude looks like a lady!

ShareTweet Can you believe is 4 years at the end of May? We launched officially at the very first SMX Advanced in Seattle on June 2nd 2007, myself and Julie pranced around Seattle wearing our SEO-Chicks t-shirt proudly, with no perception or plan of what we were going to do next. All we wanted to do was have our “own place” where we could chat about search and it grew from there. As we launched the blog at SMX Advanced we thought it would be appropriate for SMX to be the place where we announce our very first EVER male blogger on SEO Chicks. And the “honour” of being the first male SEO Chicks blogger goes to: Sam Murray. [...]

WIN a ticket to SMX London AND IIS 2011

ShareTweet As the SEO-Chicks are blogging partners of SMX London we have bagged ourselves ONE FULL CONFERENCE pass to SMX London next week, but not only that, the ticket would also give you full access to the fabulous partner conference the day after: International Search Summit. In addition the winner will also get to post a blogpost of his/hers experience as the conference on the SEO Chicks blog (along with a link to their blog and/or twitter profile). How YOU can WIN? We have given away tickets in the past where people winning the ticket only went to one day of the conference, so THIS time we want to give the ticket to someone that really really wants it and [...]