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The Good, The Bad, and Yahoo!

ShareTweet Have you been sitting around, bored out of your mind and wondering what nefarious and mind-blowingly ridiculous things your favorite little search engines have been up to lately? Here’s a quick roundup in case you haven’t been paying attention to all the ethical aspects of our collective internet obsession… Yahoo! Yahoo recently claimed to have simply been obeying Chinese law when handing over personal details of Wang Xiaoning, a Chinese man who had been openly critical of the Chinese government. Wang Xiaoning was subsequently sentenced to ten years in prison. His horrific crime was promoting democracy through the use of an online forum. In response to this, and other incidents, Yahoo is being sued in a U.S. court for [...]

Domains – Why You Should Care!

ShareTweet Iíve been seriously slack at the blogpost writing latelyÖ.sorry girls for the delay in this postÖno excuses, Iíll kick myself up the backside =) For the last couple of weeks I seem to have been haunted with questions about domains, and itís really getting to me how little people think this through. Itís quiet a few things to consider when choosing a domain, here are some tips and ďrulesĒ (my rules, you donít need to follow them but you would be stupid not toÖ) Choosing a brand Ė whatís the competition? If you are building a brand, you obviously need the brand name as a domain, thatís essential. But if you have the opportunity to get involved in the [...]