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Another Underwhelming Google Launch

ShareTweet So I woke up this morning, wondering what to write about for SEO chicks this week, and wouldn’t ya know Google has launched yet another thing that no-one needs. Perfect, this post will practically write itself! The first I knew of Google starred results, was seeing the Search engine land post on the subject, so I did a quick check, and found that I still had search wiki, in fact as of writing this post, I still haven’t been moved over to the new system, and from what I’m hearing, I kind of hope that I get left out of the update all together. @Seobegincom has been keeping me updated on his initial experiences of stared results for much [...]

Geotargeting on the same domain – using XML sitemaps

ShareTweet I wrote a blogpost a few months ago on Searchcowboys about “How to use Multiple Sitemaps on the Same Domain for Geotargetting” and got a great response. Although a few of the readers commented that the instructions were a a bit “fuzzy” and that a step by step explanation would have been great. So I thought I would share it with the SEO Chicks readers and do a step by step guide on this method for geotargetting. But first, let’s get some background info on why and so on. Issue and why we came up with this solution? One of our clients (as so many other companies) have a .com domain targeting the UK, but in addition they are [...]

Google Suggests URLs in Search Suggest Box

ShareTweet The insertion of a link from Google search suggest list in the search box directly to a website has been on then off then on again and quickly off again. I took a screen shot and lost it but one day in early November while being lazy and going to Google to get to Webmaster Tools, I noted when I got as far as “Webm” I was offered a direct link to “Web MD” in the search suggest box.  This was switched off before the end of the day I believe and life went on as normal though I was surprised the normally US-only site was coming up.  I later learned Boots had partnered with Web MD so that [...]

Thou Shalt Not Suffer An SEO To Live

ShareTweet It’s Hallowe’en and by looking back, I see my blog posts take a religious bent at this time of the year.   Not that I’m at all religious!  My Seven Deadly Sins of SEO blog post probably dispels that notion.  Last year I asked if Google was becoming a modern day God – and a scary one at that.  No, I have nothing in here about killing SEOs  The title is just to grab your attention.  SRSLY – you should love your SEO. There are times when I have considered the possibility that sacrificing a goat to the Google god might be more effective than trying to do SEO.  After all, sometimes it seems so random. Why so I continue [...]

Why Listening To Matt Cutts Is A Bad Idea

ShareTweet Look, we all hated the dark days when Google was uber-secretive about everything, and we cheered up when first “Googleguy” and then Matt Cutts (aka Googleguy) started giving us a few glimpses of veiled instructions. Later Matt began to give exact instructions for things that were on Google’s agenda. In other words, if Google wanted to control our actions, Matt pulled our little puppet strings and gave us specific instructions. Two examples? He specifically told us to either use nofollow or javascript for paid links so that we wouldn’t pass link juice through. He specifically told us that nofollowing our own internal links would be a good way to sculpt our link juice so that it flowed where we [...]

Lets Call This Hypocrite Day Shall We?

ShareTweet There’s nothing new about this post. It’s been said before. But for those who still confuse ethics with believing whatever line of bull the search engines might be throwing out for their own betterment, I wanted to just put out a little reminder on this fine April day. One definition of a hypocrite, according to, is: a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, esp. one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements. Google’s stance on paid links: …link sellers can lose trust, such as their ability to flow PageRank/anchortext…when I say “paid links” it’s pretty safe to add in your head “paid links that flow PageRank and attempt to game [...]