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Is Google Trading on the Hard Work of Business?

Google is seen by some as only existing off the hard work of others. I argue that Google worked hard to get where they are and that others trade on Google’s hard work.

Behavioral Based Ads Bad For Publishers and Scary For Users

ShareTweet Google just announced that it would start providing interest-based Adsense ads. I have a bit of experience with being a publisher that serves ad based on past user behavior and interests. That experience isn’t a very good one. If you are in the mood, follow along as I tell you my little tale of how behavior-based ads can be bad for everyone. (*names changed to protect the guilty and the innocent) I run a site that is technical in nature. No surprise there, if any of you know me. I have a fair few tech-oriented sites, though, so don’t assume you know which one I’m talking about. Because I’m always interested in diversifying my income stream, I am constantly [...]

If Google Is Unable To Remember Its Own Rules …

ShareTweet Follow along with my little Twitter trip, if you don’t mind, so that we can all see the progression of how these little tidbits and factoids came to light. On February 9th (2 days ago), I tweeted the following: Google busted! Techcrunch reveals Google used pay per post. Um, ok. But Goog punishes others that do same. tsk tsk. Following that link takes us to a Techcrunch article that busts Google for using a service that pays bloggers to post about them. This is exactly the same kind of thing Google has punished others for in the past, starting with resetting PayPerPost bloggers toolbar PageRank to zero back in late 2007. It’s all just a part of the [...]

Mail Goggles – Prevent Late Night Email Gaffes

ShareTweet Well, today I actually got around to reading through my newsletter subscription Inbox (first time in a month or so) and found something I thought was so exciting, that I had to blog about it. Now I know we have different thresholds of excitement ), but this is bound to tickle a few people… Disclaimer: OK this is no real news, but it is for me, and since it is the first time we’re blogging about it, it is technically news here on SEO-Chicks… My excitement is caused by a new feature you can enable in your Gmail account, called Mail Goggles. And its function is only one – to try and ensure that you don’t send “heat-of-the-moment” emails. [...]

Has Google Become a Modern God?

ShareTweet Google in the UK owns about 90% of the search traffic. In the US that amount is over 65% and climbing. Google has rules under which it expects websites to operate otherwise they get removed from the index. Has removal from the index become the same as excommunication in our modern society? In the medieval past, in Europe, the Church held sway. In order to do anything or get anywhere within society, one had to be a member of the church and had to come to the attention of the right people. The individual seeking attention did have to posses both the correct moral qualities and the correct social qualities in order to achieve any modicum of success. Societal [...]

On Google and Gambling

ShareTweet Google started allowing gambling ads within their paid search results last week and while this did cause a flurry of activity at many agencies, after the excitement wore off (faster than the taste of a cheap champagne) I was left feeling somewhat hollow. The lack of gaming ads in Google has become a bit of a joke in some areas, with Google’s geeky origins often mentioned in somewhat unfavourable terms. Google was held up as a paragon of purity, cleaning the paid search results of the perceived smut of the PPC (pills, porn, casino) results. I never understood, it but heard of certain groups who lauded this decision and used it as a justification of their particular world views. [...]