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It’s personal – but doesn’t end SEO

ShareTweet I might be a late to the party on this one but it randomly entered into a conversation today, and since I’ve been truly rubbish at posting I thought I would do my 2 cents (or 2 pence, kroners, Euros…whichever rocks your boat) on Google personalised search. To be honest I really don’t get what all the fuss is about. Why do SEOs still fear personlised search? Surely people don’t still think it will take away the need to optimise your website for the search engines? If anything it quantifies the need for optimisation. Personalised search is PERSONAL, doesn’t mean you won’t appear in the SERPs for what you have optimised for. It just means you really need to [...]

Flash… aaaaahhhhh… Saviour of the Universe!

ShareTweet Love it or hate it, we’ve all seen it. Flash sites built for beauty and not spiders have often been the source of grief and stress within the SEO community as we try and explain why it was a dumb idea to do it that way. Ya, that’s harsh but so it trying to force a use to guess where they need to mouse over to find a menu. I have a site I love to use as the perfect example of how flash lets you down. This chocolate company has some of the most yummy looking chocolate treats. Problem is, Google doesn’t think it has much to do with chocolate. Take a look at the Sweet Thoughts chocolate [...]

Did You Mean Wetbacks?

ShareTweet Whilst entering a search for “hitbacks” into Google, one of our link developers encountered the following helpful message (and if anyone wants to call me out as being pretentious for using the term “whilst” like one of you ponces did with Jane, then let me tell you that I wrote this on my way back from London where I had tea with the Queen so I think it’s ok in this case): “Did you mean: wetbacks” Normally this is where I’d issue an offensive exclamation. Wetbacks?? Did we mean WETBACKS? Holy fucking shit. This is obviously done by Google’s spell checker, and, if you look closely, you can see that, indeed, hitbacks and wetbacks are quite similar in their [...]

Shock horror Blackhat SEO discussed at SMX Advanced

ShareTweet Its 6 oclock in the morning, I got up especially early (whilst my daughter is still asleep) to write this post as I feel I cant just let what I read yesterday rest and not comment. As you may know SMX Advanced in Seattle was on last week, I didnt go this year but attended last year. SMX Advanced is where funnily enough ADVANCED SEOs speak and attend to; learn more, broaden our horizon, share and network. Well at least thats what I thought. Yesterday I read this blogpost on Bruce Clay by Lisa Barone where she writes about “SMX Advanced going to the dark side.” The blogpost truly shocked me (and as Lisa Barone is prime blogger that [...]

Google; “I don’t get it!” – .Com Vs .Co.Uk

ShareTweet Ok people, have that cup of coffee, wake up and see if you can figure this one out! Im doing an off-line to online campaign for one of my clients, CW Jobs, where the off-line ad asks you to Google the phrase getitornot. The idea is that the site we created (a just for fun IT test, concept being if you are in IT you get it and if you are not you dont get it) would appear 1st and 2nd in the Google UK SERPs. With the title and meta description tag, carrying over from the off-line ad, you still with me? We chose the phrase getitornot (all one word, thats part of the concept, you get it [...]

Churning Out Blackhats by the Dozens

ShareTweet Does anyone remember the argument put forth when the US banned online gambling that basically said that by banning the financial transactions associated with this, it would consequently open the door to new ways of funding terrorism? It made perfect sense. The same was said by Geoge Will about Prohibition. Making something bad makes PEOPLE bad. I can’t put it any better than he did with this comment: “…someone stands to make money from interfering with other people making money.” Right now, that someone is Google. Now I’m not about to liken black hat SEOs to terrorists or makers of crap moonshine, as tempting as that would be for someone who loves satire as much as I do, but [...]