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How To Sell Yourself As A Client

ShareTweet Here’s a bit of advice for those of you looking for someone to help you out with your online marketing: Don’t be such a complete asshat. For some of you, this is easier said than done (at least judging by some of my recent encounters) but try, please. Here’s Bill O’Reilly in case you aren’t sure exactly what an asshat is. Over the past few years I’ve learned that there are quite a few warning signs that tell me that no matter how much money this guy is waving around, I don’t want him as my client. As I co-run the business with my husband, we try our best to agree on which clients to take, but occasionally one [...]

Remember what you did last New Year’s day?

ShareTweet or the few days around then… Goals and ambitions, whether personal or work related, keep us moving forward from day to day. And we all love making ourselves feel better by honoring a time-old tradition of setting ourselves some New Years Resolutions… Before I get to a point of sounding sarcastic, I will get to THE POINT! As far as New Years Resolutions are concerned we fall into one of 3 groups: Group 1 – The ones that have all the dreams. They get motivated for “big things” in the coming year. They plan – all in their head – of how great things will be, how much more money they’ll make, and how far up the corp. ladder [...]

Lucky 7 Conference Tips

ShareTweet A few weeks back, I spoke at a small conference in Las Vegas for the Forex market called the Forex Affiliate Conference, which is run by the guys from the Casino Affiliate Conference. It was the smallest conference I ever spoke at (about 20 people) but it ended up being one of the most productive. I made some really great connections and was able to target my presentation to what information would be most useful for the attendees. From speaking there, I came up with some conference tips that are appropriate for any upcoming event you may be attending. Lucky 7 Conference Tips 1. Reserve judgment for the end. Just because a conference has 5,000 attendees doesn’t mean that you [...]

Stop Wasting Money! 10 Ways Not to be a Dumbass

I decided to put a list together of 10 ways you or your client may be wasting money they could be paying you.

How To Get More Followers On Twitter If You’re A Girl And Aren’t All That Interesting

ShareTweet I am a bit of a geek girl. I’m good with computers, the Internet and various other pieces of technology. However, since getting into the tech world and especially since developing a nasty Twitter habit, I’ve noticed a new breed of annoying female that I’d never come across before. If you live out in the real world, you may have seen them on occasion, but they’re everywhere on the web. Outside, where flesh replaces pixels, they’re harder to spot. Enhanced with Ruby on Rails, these women have become the sorority girls of the Internet. Get mad at me for being hypocritical if you like; I’ve probably done some of these things. However, if you must become famous on the [...]

Yoda’s Ultimate Tool List Part II – Keyword Research

ShareTweet Okay, so it has been a little more than a week since Part I, but SES NY takes a long time to recover from. There are a ton of keyword research tools and tool lists out there, but it is still incredibly important to have all of your tools in one place. There are a lot of familiar tools in here, but there should also be a some lesser known ones here as well. Let’s start this off with an SEO snack provided to you by one of my newest friends, Gareth   Free Tools SEObooks ultimate keyword research tool is a great place to start. Another tool on the site, is the Google Scraper tool We cant forget [...]