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Yodas Ultimate Tool List Part 1: Competitive Research

ShareTweet An SEOs best friend (other than a stiff drink) is a good tool. Tools save us time and energy and streamline the process so we can get to making money instead of researching. They provide the information you need when you need it. But it is important to remember that knowing when to use a particular tool and how to use it is more important than any list. This is why Ive created Yodas ultimate tool to put all the tools one would need in 1 place. Since this list is too massive to fit in one post, it will be a multi-part list that will cover: Competitive Research, Keyword Research, Must have Firefox plug-ins, Reputation Management tools, PPC [...]

How to Build a Bad Ass Brand in 5 Easy Steps

ShareTweet Firstly, let me say, Im excited to be here with a group of such talented women. Secondly, the the two sentence intro on me is that Ive been doing SEO, ppc and analytics in the forex industry and for myself at lvlogic for a little over 3 years. I can often be found hanging out at the bar with several of the guys from IM-NY talking shop over a ketel one on the rocks or a nice glass of wine. The bar is also where I met Lisa (running theme possibly) and after several drinks, a few games of craps and some tequila and eggs, she asked me to be a chicklet. So, here is everything you ever wanted [...]

Tips for Optimising Your Images for Search

ShareTweet As universal search begins to dominate results and previous above-the-fold results get pushed below the fold, leveraging all channels possible is becoming essential.   Image search optimization offers several advantages not just limited to simple rankings or just image search. One definite benefit for anyone involved in e-commerce is the possibility of free product promotion within organic results without looking spammy. Product images in search results can seriously boost click-throughs and conversions. With image search, you’ve got more optimisation opportunities than organic search alone.   The name of the image, along with the tag and associated words will all factor in to ranking an image.  This gives you opportunities to optimise differently or capture searchers where organic is not [...]

How to systematize your business opps?

ShareTweet Well it looks like I’ve managed to put in a post today before any of my other lady Chicks – which I started thinking of as almost impossible – LOL… So I’ve been thinking a lot about systematising lately and how important it is to do that for your business – regardless of where you are in the pecking order (SEO Chicks… pecking order….. I sense a pun alert…). Converting as many processes of your job into easy to follow, consistently performing systems is not that easy to do, but it is soo worth it when done and done properly. I’ve experienced the full benefits of documentation in a big way in my previous job, so when I started [...]

Keyword Research Its About Them Not You

Im one of those rare creatures an In-House SEM who is allowed to blog, speak at conferences, write articles and play with other companies websites. It was while engaging in one of these activities that I came across someones attempt at keyword research.