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How Should You Vet A Referral?

ShareTweet I was recently approached by someone who immediately had that demanding vibe that so heavily annoys me and makes me get more frown lines, and that encounter has caused me to rethink how I vet a client, both for my own business and to send out as a referral. You see, I feel like I am wasting someone’s time if I know I have no room to take them on, so I immediately tell them that and try to help them find someone who can help them. Usually it goes well and people are thankful that they don’t have to go trawling for someone with half a brain but sometimes it blows up in my face. There was the [...]

Musings on the Bottom Half of the Internet

ShareTweet “Never read the bottom half of the internet, that’s where the bad things live.” It’s mantra repeated by many. I’m referring of course to the comments, which as ‘bottom half’ indicates are situated a long old scroll down the page at the bottom of a post or article.

Internet Marketer’s Give Back

ShareTweet Over the last year a small group of US based internet marketers formed a group called IM Charity, which is currently in the process of getting 5013c status (to become a non-profit). The group was formed so we could help use our talents for worthy causes. Currently, IM Charity helps to raise money for various charitable organizations through throwing fundraising events. In the future many of us will also donate time to non-profit organizations looking for a little help with their internet marketing strategy.  Last year, through varous party’s at US search conferences like SES San Jose, SES NY and Scary SEO we raised nearly $100,000. We’d like to start this year off on the right foot by throwing [...]

Things For Which The Internet Sucks

ShareTweet If there is one (more) thing that makes no sense to me whatsoever, it’s international power standards. Electricity. That which spews out of the wall when you plug shit in. Juice, and not that of the link variety. It’s the same everywhere. My stuff runs out of batteries at the same rate in every country, yet multiple countries have different power standards. Forgive me for not knowing their technical names, but the prong things that stick into the wall are not the same worldwide. There is also that voltage problem. I am going to England tomorrow and thus I have to deal with it. I have one hundred little gadgets to take with me, but one has caused slightly [...]

Yoda’s Ultimate Tool List Part II – Keyword Research

ShareTweet Okay, so it has been a little more than a week since Part I, but SES NY takes a long time to recover from. There are a ton of keyword research tools and tool lists out there, but it is still incredibly important to have all of your tools in one place. There are a lot of familiar tools in here, but there should also be a some lesser known ones here as well. Let’s start this off with an SEO snack provided to you by one of my newest friends, Gareth   Free Tools SEObook’s ultimate keyword research tool is a great place to start. Another tool on the site, is the Google Scraper tool We can’t forget [...]

What’s Your Social Media Resolution?

ShareTweet You have made a promise to yourself to be a better you, as you do every new years. There is a whole industry based around New Years Resolutions, but it has changed entirely. If five years ago you started a food journal on January 1st, by now you might have added the “My Diet” application on Facebook, which has about 520 daily active users. With so many people searching the web right now, how are web based companies capitalizing on New Years? As people are Googling this week, whether it be for a new diet, exercise routine, budget planning, etc., will your website have something to offer? I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed with the SERPS [...]