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A Process for Creating Linkbait

ShareTweet So, before we kick off it’s probably useful to define what I mean by linkbait – here’s a quick and dirty definition from yours truly: “Linkbait is content which people *want* to share and link to.” For the sake of clarity when I’m talking about linkbait, I’m talking about link-worthy content. This includes, but is not limited to infographics (not that I’m an infographic-hater; actually it’s a form which I like and have had success with) but it’s not the only type of creative content that you can do. Before you kick off… Before I get stuck right into the process, I’d strongly advise you to be open and honest about creative link building strategies. Make sure your boss [...]

What It’s Like To Run A Link Agency

ShareTweet Even though we’ve seen massive shakeups in the link building world lately, links are still what a lot of clients want. Link building is our main business (so that’s lucky for us) but when we have quoted projects where link building takes a backseat, no one is interested. Due to excessive client demand, more and more SEOs (and people with zero experience who see the chance to get in there by doing something that honestly does not require excessive knowledge) are getting into links. In many cases this means that they say they build links, but in reality, they outsource that to someone like us. In some cases, it’s a lot of idle talk from people who think that [...]

Optimising Your Site for Link Building

ShareTweet As SEOs we optimise for many things (clue’s in the job title, right?) – but increasingly it occurs to me that we’re missing a trick or two when it comes to link building. I don’t want to get into a paid linking debate here – whether you choose to buy links or not is up to you. But the truth is, if no one will link to you unless you pay them, then you have problems. Big-ass ones. Here’s a little Smörgåsbord of issues that I frequently see that make sites sub-optimal for link building.   1) Your site is so ugly it makes my eyes bleed… Yep, I said it. I’m shallow. Human beings are. Psychologists at the [...]

The Goth’s Guide To Link Building

ShareTweet I like to think of myself as a happy, sunny person but in reality, I’m really not…I am usually the first person to say “no, that won’t work” when someone has an idea. I expect all restaurants to be out of everything that I want to order and to offer me fennel stew. I think gas will increase to $95 a gallon this summer, and I always have a hat with me in case of rain. I think it’s always going to freaking rain even if the sky is a clear cobalt. I think these guys look like they’d be fun:   I was once a goth, but now I’m a boss, a lot like Richmond on the IT [...]

What To Do When Good Links Go Bad

ShareTweet In my years of working in SEO, I’ve seen a lot of weirdness. Some of that weirdness is related to links and link building. There was the time we discovered 50,000 links built overnight or the time a carefully plotted strategy was ruined by spammers and scrapers. But what do you do when good link building goes bad? There are a lot of reasons why good links go bad. I’m not talking about link farms harming your rankings (naughty) or anything like buying a link on a specific site known to search engines for selling links. I’m talking about when good links go bad. There are lots of good links from valuable sources that you can get and sometimes [...]

Linkbait Lessons from the Coalface

ShareTweet Hello there, I’m the newest chick. Should you care to you can read more about me here. Today I’d like to talk linkbait. There are plenty of blog posts out there about successful linkbait, but I think us SEOs have a tendency to keep our mistakes on the down low. The truth is we don’t always get it right and I think that actually there’s more to be learned from the projects that have gone awry than from the runaway successes. Before we get right into it, it’s probably worth giving some context – the linkbait projects that I work on are all to commercial sites. I’m typically after a combination of links from news outlets (either national or [...]