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New “Majestic Million” Offers High-Level Insight and Outside-Industry Appeal

ShareTweet Majestic SEO have today launched a new product (in stealth beta), which I got a little demo of on Tuesday at SMX. Majestic Million shows data points for the worlds top 1 million websites as determined by link popularity, such data points being number of backlinks, number of linking domains (and gains/losses on the numbers since last crawl). You can request a single site, groups of sites (by  name entry Рnot yet any classification by industry or type) and sites by TLD. A request for a comparative group of sites generates a URL that you can use to access the same data sources over time. Potential Data Observations From a high level viewpoint this data has the (theoretical) [...]

Give Me Nice Toiletries, Get Nice Link

ShareTweet Ah, the New York Palace…a truly gorgeous hotel in New York City with a stunning view of St. Patrick’s Cathedral (and The Primeburger), luscious Molton Brown toiletries, and nightly turn down service. All in all, not the kind of place I’m usually seen haunting. However, we visited them for the second time just last week for SESNY, and experienced the same fantastic service that we did during our initial visit. Basically, if it comes to making you feel special, they have it down to an art. We got the room at an insane discount due to a special they were having, and we obviously don’t look like posh people (unless they caught a glimpse of my skull-emblazoned Vans), but [...]

How To Sell Yourself As A Client

ShareTweet Here’s a bit of advice for those of you looking for someone to help you out with your online marketing: Don’t be such a complete asshat. For some of you, this is easier said than done (at least judging by some of my recent encounters) but try, please. Here’s Bill O’Reilly in case you aren’t sure exactly what an asshat is. Over the past few years I’ve learned that there are quite a few warning signs that tell me that no matter how much money this guy is waving around, I don’t want him as my client. As I co-run the business with my husband, we try our best to agree on which clients to take, but occasionally one [...]

The Flourless Chocolate Dome

ShareTweet I was once highly disappointed by a dessert, to such an extent that it’s become a metaphor for anything bad that happens to me. I was in a restaurant with my best friend Melinda when, hearing the sound of our waiter and smelling chocolate, I smiled in anticipation of the flourless chocolate dome, expecting it to be, well, bigger than a freaking truffle. It was tiny. Tiny is being NICE. It was a dinky, dinky thing, just big enough to piss me off. Had I known in advance what I was getting, I’d not have been so pouty. Setting expectations is critical when you’re doing anything. Had the waiter said “well nice choice but beware of its teeny nature” [...]

Do You Want To Rank For Large Fish?

ShareTweet I was lucky enough to have coffee with Todd Mintz and his wife recently as they passed through town on their way to somewhere better, with air conditioning and less of a bloodhound smell. He said something that struck me…”I’ve only had one professional link building request.” I could be paraphrasing here, even if I am taking the liberty of using quotes, because my memory is fuzzy and it fits my damn blog post. Anyway, I started thinking about the link requests that I get… First of all, I’m annoyed by the link requests that reference my site in some way, then go on to explain why link building works and how to do it as if I am [...]

InfluenceFinder – Review

ShareTweet Earlier this week, we told you about the launch of InfluenceFinder, which debuted at SMX London 2010 on Monday. Use invite code [seochicks] for pre-approval on a 7 day trial. Having now used the tool for a couple of weeks, I wanted to follow up with a review from my perspective. If you missed the story of the launch and case study then you might want to check that out first. Overview It’s really important to stress that the InfluenceFinder product (and I think the name gives it away really) is designed to help it users find influential link targets. Although the product does draw and re-index from the Majestic webmap, and is therefore extremely expansive – the main [...]