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Surprise! Or Not! Competitive Industries

ShareTweet Nichola just asked me this: Which sectors have you found surprisingly competitive and why? I decided to answer this from my own billion-feet-in-the-air perspective, ask my link builders, and ask a few SEOs who don’t do exactly what I do. The results were pretty cool but not cool enough to put into any form of spreadsheet or nice set of graphs. Just read. The floral industry was insanely difficult and pricey in my opinion. This totally surprised me as I’d worked with that industry before and thought it was quite easy at the time but that was when I did regular SEO, not link building. I knew they would of course do big holiday and seasonal pushes as they’re [...]

Think Your PPC Sucks? Find Out For Sure!

ShareTweet I scored better than 8% of Adwords accounts in my spend range. Wow, that’s…humiliating, and quite humbling. Wordstream has an awesome new Adwords performance grader tool that’s free and compares your account to others in your spend range (that they have previously graded, but they say that it’s millions) using more than 60 different factors. You get a general idea of how you’re doing then recommendations, in sections, for improvement. I like. Naturally, this all ties into their PPC management software, which is available on a free 7-day trial. As PPC isn’t my main thing, I won’t be trying that out, but I do really like comparison systems, as I think they give us a great idea for where [...]

Stop Wasting Money! 10 Ways Not to be a Dumbass

I decided to put a list together of 10 ways you or your client may be wasting money they could be paying you.

How Keyword matching is just a little like online dating

ShareTweet Wow…This is true privilege!!! Writing for SEO chicks……. thank you ladies. I am so excited about writing on here, and loving that Lisa actually found this post funny – serious leg slapping involved here and was there a snort……there may have been a little snort laugh, thank you lisa for pushing this forward. I hope that you chicks will ‘digg’ what I write. Recently I’ve been focusing on some of our PPC clients campaigns, and developed an analogy for keyword matching to share with clients and work colleagues. A far-fetched, if not a little warped, theory I know but hear me out…….. Exact Matching Say you went on a dating site and wanted to find your exact match your [...]

The trademark lift on GoogleAdwords UK – Is Google getting greedy(er)?

ShareTweet As of 5th May 2008 Google is lifting the trademark rule for Google AdWords (UK) which prevents advertiser from bidding on branded keywords that are protected by trademark. Enter the brand bidding war and Affiliate heaven! What was the trademark restriction? Basically if you submitted a Google trademark complain procedure you could prevent your competitor (or anyone else) to bid for your brand name in PPC ads served in the UK and Ireland. The benefit? You would be the only one in the paid listings appearing for your brand term, which means it was very cheap to drive traffic for your protected brand term to your website. What happens now? Basically, ANYONE can now bid for your brand name. [...]

Jeeves is Back!

ShareTweet   Well, not entirely. IAC has announced that Ask is going to move in a different, but familiar direction.   Step 1: Lay off 40 employees (8%) of Ask staff Step 2: Gear your engine to marred women above 30 living in the Midwestern and Southern US Step 3: Bring back the question format but have it only answer questions about recipes, hobbies, crafting and your kids Step 4: Remove Jeeves from carbonite Step 5: PROFIT!!!!! . . . . or cease to exist Maybe they’ll have Jeeves wear a sock puppet next