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The Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

ShareTweet One of the absolute worst songs ever recorded, in my opinion, is Timbuk 3′s “The Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades.” While I could make a lengthy post out of my utter hatred of this song, I will spare you for now BUT since I seem to have a pathological need to cross reference music in these observations about SEO that must, by this point, seriously annoy many readers, I thought this truly abysmal attempt at music would be a good one to use. I mean really, it’s not good for anything else…certainly not for listening, or anything remotely like that. Well, I sure as hell don’t think that the future of paid ads is full of sunshine [...]

When My Google AdWords Ad Went *POOF*!

ShareTweet Has Google gotten suddenly strict with “Display URL”?  Was there a memo?  Did I (and my AdWords rep) miss it? I decided to trial some of my AdWords Optimisation rep Kevin’s efforts on a group in one of my campaigns.  To begin with, I added one of his ads to one of my groups for testing. Coming from a programming background, I’ll often make one change at a time, test, and then if everything is OK change some more.  Sometimes I forget myself and recklessly make hundreds of changes with no documentation.  I also drink alcohol and eat foods high in sugar and fat.  I must have a death wish For the rejected AdWords ad, Kevin was using a [...]

SEO Chick Lisa B!tchsl*ps Google in SEO vs PPC Takedown

ShareTweet The English Speaking Union was the location of the “B2B Marketing Debate” (watch the video!) between SEO and PPC. SEO experts Lisa Ditlefsen, head of search at Base One and Andrew Girdwood, head of search at Big Mouth Media debated with PPC defenders Stuart Small from Google and Simon Norris from Periscopix. With over £700 million being spent annually on paid advertising within search engines, pay per click (PPC) advertising is often seen as the easy way in to the top spot on search result pages. Easy to change, start, stop and completely transparent, Stuart asserted that PPC was a better, more targeted way to gain leads. Stuart Small from Google mooted that with 85% of all B2B purchases [...]

What’s Your Social Media Resolution?

ShareTweet You have made a promise to yourself to be a better you, as you do every new years. There is a whole industry based around New Years Resolutions, but it has changed entirely. If five years ago you started a food journal on January 1st, by now you might have added the “My Diet” application on Facebook, which has about 520 daily active users. With so many people searching the web right now, how are web based companies capitalizing on New Years? As people are Googling this week, whether it be for a new diet, exercise routine, budget planning, etc., will your website have something to offer? I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed with the SERPS [...]

When PPC Doesn’t Work (and yes, I have the ads turned on)

ShareTweet Have you ever had a client who did NOT do well in PPC? I have one now, and here’s why I don’t think that it’s simply my being an idiot (although it doesn’t help the case) that’s causing the ads to perform poorly: I’ve been able to do well in every other paid campaign that I’ve ever run. Really well, in many cases, with seriously high conversion rates and excellent ROI. However, I can’t crack this nut. There are obviously industries that perform best in certain arenas, whether it be organic listings, paid listings, billboards, magazine ads, etc. radio spots, etc. However, I’m on a quest to figure out what I could try to make sure I’m doing everything [...]

SEO is like buying a house whilst PPC is like renting, or is it?

ShareTweet Although I’m principally a big SEO fan I also value Pay Per Click and I really do think it’s a market for both, and in some cases the two markets have a totally different audience. In my personal experience I would always recommend for any new clients to start off doing both, for many reasons: #1 – Keyword and ad testing Pay Per Click allows you the best and most in-depth keyword research for you to implement in your organic optimisation. It can also give you an advantage in terms of message testing through the ads, and implementing this throughout your organic optimistation. #2 – Different audiences Now this might sound crazy, but I have been known to run [...]