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Will the REAL SEO Chicks please stand up!

ShareTweet Ok,so I was going to leave it, not going to get all het up about it. But nah….I’m a Viking, my brain explodes if I don’t say what I think. SEO Chicks has been going now since June 2007, ok so 1 ½ years isn’t THAt long, but in the blogging world we could have already come and gone. SEO Chicks has done really well (or so we like to think), the bloggers we now have on board are fantastic. Our reputation has grown and our goal has been achieved, yep we are chicks and we know search ;p When I first looked for domains for the blog I was quite set on wanting to call it “SEO Chicks”, [...]

Lisa & Jon’s Engagement Celebrated at LondonSEO

ShareTweet Everyone loves a party and this month LondonSEO hosted a BBQ at the Vibe bar sponsoredby Media Centrix – well, it was almost a BBQ. It also hosted a little celebration to congradulate our own SEO Chick LisaD and Jon on their engagement! Here is the happy couple with a chocolate cupcake each ready to tuck in to the yummy goodness. Look at the size of that ring! WOW! Regrettably the BBQ people did not show up but having Brivck Lane close by means we had plenty to choose from. Many of the people at LondonSEO went off to some of those fine establishments afterwards. The event was great with lots of new people – although the August weather [...]

Blackberry Woman & Technology Awards an evening to remember

ShareTweet Earlier this year I was shortlisted for the Blackberry Woman in Technology Awards in the category Best Use of Technology by under 30 year old woman. Last night the award ceremony took place at the Mariott Hotel Grosenvor Square in London. Me and my junior SEO, Rebecca, got to the hotel early to get all dolled up like cinderella! We then went downstairs to the prestigious award ceremony. A few glasses of champagne and cheeky cigarettes later (not so classy!) we sat down for a 3 course meal. We were sat with a group of people from Blackberry (RIM) and Vodafone, and they were the loveliest people! Especially Harry Clark (Relationship Director Vodafone/RIM), he listened to my nervous babble [...]

New SEO Chicklet – Rebecca Scott (Beccy)

ShareTweet We have a new guestblogger (SEO Chicklet). Rebecca Scott is one of my girls (ehm sounds like I’m running a brothel), ehm lets try again, she’s one of my (MINE, FILTHY Recruitment Consultants, MINE!) SEO Consultants at Base One. Jeese, I need more coffee this early in the morning. But yes you guessed it, I’m quite protective over her. Beccy started working for me a little under 1 year ago, she had no previous experience in SEO but had great potential, I was right! The force is strong with Beccy One of her strengths is writing, having a degree in English and drama it goes without saying that whatever she writes is entertaining. She will be posting her first [...]

THE DazzlinDonna an SEO Chicklet =)

ShareTweet I’m so excited to announce Donna Fontenot aka DazzlinDonna as a guest blogger here on SEO Chicks. She is officially an SEO Chicklet. After minor stalking from me and Julie =) Donna has agreed to contribute to SEO Chicks. Now, how cool is that?!!?? I’m going to get a bit soppy here and tell you just how big of a deal this is, for me and the other chicks. Donna is one of the pioneers of this industry, and although she probably doesn’t realise this, one of the reasons I became passionate about this industry. She has the technical knowledge to roundhouse kick any smart arse SEO dude and the humour to get away with it And she is [...]

SEO Chicklets – Jane & Lauren!

ShareTweet Finally we can announce our first guest-bloggers. It seems like ages since we first wrote about getting some cool guest bloggers on board. We’ve had a few interested, and we’ve stalked some (ehm Donna). And since the guest-bloggers are in fact “guest” bloggers we thought it would be cute to call them “SEO Chicklets”. So without further ado, let me introduce you to our first ever guest bloggers! Jane Copland Ok if you don’t know who this blonde kiwi bomb shell is, you’ve had your head in the sand for the last year and a half. Jane works as a Search Marketing Consultant at SEOmoz, but is maybe more known as the Moz plexs Social Butterfly (ehm only with [...]